Nightingale: How to Get More Essence

Nightingale Essence

If you want to buy blueprints or fix your stuff in Nightingale, you’ll need a special currency called Essence. It might be a little hard to come by normally but if you know the right ways to obtain it, you can easily find it.  Check out our guide on how you can find and extract Essence in Nightingale.

How to Get Essence in Nightingale

You can gather extra Essence in these ways:

  1. Use the “Extract” choice for things you don’t need.
  2. Gather from enemies you defeat.
  3. Find in treasure chests.
  4. Get clusters in small dungeons.

Remember, there are four levels of Essence showing how rare they are. You’ll likely collect higher-level Essences as you go further in the game.

In the beginning of Nightingale, the best way to get Essence quickly is by getting it from stuff you don’t need anymore. You can do this by going into your bag, right-clicking on something, and choosing Extract. How much Essence you get and what type depends on how good and how much stuff you’re extracting.

For example, if you pick up 100 Plant Fibers from bushes, you should get 100 Essence Dust when you extract them. You can also do this with survivor NPCs you meet, but you can only have one with you at a time. So, if you help an NPC but already have a companion, you can take their clothes and weapons and extract those to get more Essence.

Nightingale Beginner’s Guide

Looting From Enemies

When you beat enemies, they might give you Essence. The type of Essence you get depends on how hard the game is and how rare the enemy is. You can also find Essence in treasure chests.

Essence Bundles

Finally, when you’re exploring the Faewilds, you might come across special places like Fae Towers or Sites of Power. These small dungeons could have groups of items for you to find and gather.

How to Spend Essence

Essence is important for fixing your weapons, tools, and clothes. To do this, just click on the gear you want to fix and choose “Repair”. You can also use Essence to buy blueprints from special traders called Essence Traders. These traders can be found in different areas on the map. Look at your guide to find them, or press “B” to open the Guidebook and check the Traders panel. This is how you gather Essence in Nightingale. Remember to save up enough Essence to buy things from the traders, especially if you want to collect Realm Cards.

That is all for this guide. If you are just starting to play Nightingale, consider checking out our Nightingale Beginner’s Guide and how you can complete the Bastille challenges in the game.

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This concludes our Nightingale guide on how you can find and extract Essence in the game. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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