Nightingale: How to Complete the Bastille Challenges

Bastille Challenges Nightingale

You’ll face many Bound enemies and wild creatures in Nightingale. But there are things to do there that aren’t about fighting, and they can be really fun. Here’s our guide on completing the Bastille Challenges in Nightingale.

How To Complete The Bastille Challenges In Nightingale

In Nightingale, there are different types of Bastille Challenges. We are going to be discussing each of them in their own dedicated sections.

Bastille of Agility

The Bastille of Agility challenge is like a jumping puzzle or a platforming game. Your aim is to reach a glowing marker that’s high up. To do this, you’ll need to climb onto beams or pillars and jump across gaps while running.

Bastille of Insight

In a Bastille of Insight challenge, you need to search for secret symbols in the area around you. You’ll usually find them on walls, pillars, or totems. Sometimes, you might see glowing wisps that can help lead you to the right places. Once you’ve turned on all the special symbols, the magic chest will unlock, giving players some treasure. If you’re in a vault, you’ll also see a door open to the next part of the vault.

Bastille of Intellect

In a Bastille of Intellect challenge, you need to remember things. When you come across the ruins, you’ll see at least three beacons nearby. These will light up one after the other, and you must touch them in the right order. It’s really rewarding to finish the Bastille of Intellect puzzle in Nightingale, especially at the start of the game.

When you unlock the doors of this place, you’ll receive either Hope Echoes or Favors. With Favors, you can pick from Favor of Soaring, Endurance, or Power, each giving you a short-term boost for your adventures. But we believe getting Hope Echoes is better because they can lead you to new crafting plans when you interact with them.

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This was our guide to finishing the Bastille challenges, we hope it helped you out. Make sure to keep an eye out for interesting spots and important places as you explore these random worlds.

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