Nightingale: How to Catch Fish

Fishing in Nightingale is important for survival because you can use the fish to make tasty meals. But it’s not easy because there are many things to consider. In this Nightingale guide, we will tell you how you can catch some fish effectively and maintain your energy levels.

Nightingale: How to Catch Fish

Before you can start catching fish, there are some prerequisites and all of them are detailed below along with how you can catch fish and some cool fish recipes for cooking them up once you have caught them.

Crafting A Fishing Rod in Nightingale

In the game Nightingale, you can make six different types of fishing rods. Each one is better than the last and helps you catch tougher fish. When you’re just starting, it’s best to make a Simple Fishing Rod. You can buy the recipe from the Abeyance Essence Trader. To make it, you need x1 Wood Bundle, x2 Animal Fibre, and x1 Bone.

Once you have those things, you can craft the Simple Fishing Rod at different workbenches. If you’ve been playing for a while, you can make even better fishing rods.

Name Description Materials Needed to Craft How to Get

Simple Fishing Rod Recipe

While far from a master’s rod, this simple stick and lure may be the difference between survival and starvation for those lost in inhospitable Realms. 1x Wood Bundle
2x Animal Fibre
1x Bones
Can be bought from the Abeyance Essence Trader

Refined Fishing Rod Recipe

Often seen in idyllic promotional images of the Realm-settler’s life, this standard fishing rod is perfectly adequate for any fisherfolk willing to wait for their catch. 2x Lumber
2x Ingot
Can be bought from the Swamp Herbarium Essence Trader

Rugged Fishing Rod Recipe

When one wishes to start seeking more noteworthy catches, a flimsy rod just won’t do. Heavily reinforced, this rod will withstand even the strongest fish the Realms can pro. 1x Shaft
1x Line
1x Fasteners
Can be bought from the Ascended Swamp Antiquarian Essence Trader

Ornate Fishing Rod Recipe

It’s long been thought that aquatic life in the Realms respond more readily to magick than the tricks of Earthly fisherfolk. This rod puts that theory to the test. 1x Pole
1x Line
1x Fasteners
Can be bought from the Ascended Swamp Provisioner Essence Trader

Dauntless Fishing Rod Recipe

Collecting trophies and feeding larger camps requires a fishing rod that refuses to falter in its task. By shore or by boat, let one’s worries wash away with the tides. 1x Shaft
1x Line
1x Hilt
1x Mechanical Gears
Can be bought from The Watch | Dauntless Tools Essence Trader

Mystic Fishing Rod Recipe

Serenity and grace ebb and flow with every cast of this Hermetic fishing rod as it relies on the carvings of ancient sigils and sparkling gems to lure prey. 1x Pole
1x Line
1x Filigree
1x Wrap
Can be bought from The Watch | Mystic Tools Essence Trader

Catching The Fish in Nightingale

Catching fish in Nightingale isn’t easy. Many things affect how successful you are at catching fish. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get your Fishing Rod ready and equip it from your inventory to your hotbar.
  2. Go near water and cast your line by holding the left mouse button and releasing it when the rod is back over your shoulder.
  3. Wait for a fish to bite.
  4. Reel in the fish by holding the left mouse button. Watch your Stamina and Line Tension.

   – Stamina: Your energy decreases as you reel in the fish. Take breaks to let your stamina refill. Resting before fishing is important. If your stamina runs out, you’ll lose the fish.

   – Line Tension: The fish will pull your line in different directions. Keep the tension low by moving with the fish. If the tension gets too high, the fish will escape. Try to keep the tension in the middle of the bar for the best results.

  1. Pay attention to the red bar under the fish’s name while managing stamina and tension.

This shows how near the fish is to being caught—lower is better. The bar doesn’t only go down as you reel in the fish, it also goes up if you stop reeling. Depending on your Fishing Rod and how much energy you have, catching a fish can take a while. But once you’ve caught it, the fish will be on the ground for you to pick up.

Fish Recipes

Fish are useful because you can use them to cook different recipes. Below we have listed some recipes that will require fish in Nightingale.

Name Description Materials Needed to Craft How to Get

Grilled Fish Recipe

Grilling your fish and adding some spices is sure to bring much needed comfort after a hard day’s work. Added spices also bring added benefits. 1x Raw Fish Can be bought from the Desert Astrolabe Essence Trader, Forest Astrolabe Essence Trader, Swamp Astrolabe Essence Trader

Fish Cutlet Recipe

A staple of any who dwell in the wilds. Beautifully spiced and nourishing to the body. After all, few dishes can match a properly spiced fish. 1x Deboned Raw Fish
1x Spice
Can be bought from the Desert Herbarium Essence Trader, Forest Herbarium Essence Trader, Swamp Herbarium Essence Trader

Fish Fingers Recipe

Common London fare for the working gent or lass. Fills one with the fortitude and stamina needed for a long day on the docks or in the factories. 1x Deboned Raw Fish
1x Dough
1x Refined Salt
Can be bought from the Swamp Hunt Essence Trader

Catch of the Day Recipe

Every tavern raised in any coastal village has had some variety of this meal. Near as common are the claims of health within those who consume it. 1x Fileted Raw Fish
1x Marinade
Can be bought from the Ascended Forest Antiquarian Essence Trader, Ascended Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader, Ascended Swamp Antiquarian Essence Trader

Captain’s Plate Recipe

A plate of greens and fish fit for the captain’s own table, sure to nourish the body and fortify the limbs through any trial on sea or land. 1x Fileted Raw Fish
1x Salad
1x Broth
Can be bought from the Ascended Swamp Gloom Essence Trader

Surf & Turf Recipe

A decadent marriage of the sea and pasture fit for the most discerning of palates. Every bite is a journey that lifts the body and elevates the senses. 1x Marinated Raw Meat
1x Fileted Raw Fish
Can be bought from the Ascended Forest Herbarium Essence Trader

Sashimi Recipe

A delicacy born of the rising sun and renown for its boons to health and longevity. Its rarest varieties are hewn from poisonous fish. Truly, a fish to die for. 1x Fileted Raw Fish
1x Oil
Can be bought from the Ascended Swamp Provisioner Essence Trade

Helpful Charms

Plus, we suggest using certain Charms because they provide useful benefits like never feeling hungry or tired when fishing, and they also boost your chances of getting Essence while fishing making them an essential requirement if you want to catch fish in Nightingale.

Type Name Description Materials Needed To Craft How To Get
Crafting Recipe Charm Of Endless Fishing Recipe This Charm prevents the wearer from growing hungry or tired while they fish. 1x Rough Bauble
1x Charm Twine (Mind)
Can be bought from the Forest Antiquarian Essence Trader
Crafting Recipe Charm Of Magick Bait Recipe This Charm grants the wearer an increased chance to retrieve Essence while fishing. 1x Rough Bauble
1x Charm Twine (Mind)
Can be bought from the Swamp Antiquarian Essence Trader

That is all for this guide. We have additional Nightingale Guides linked below for you:

This concludes our Nightingale Guide on how to catch fish. If you have some tips and tricks for us, make sure to share them in the comments section below.

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