Nightingale Crafting Guide – How to Craft, Tips for Effective Crafting

Nightingale Crafting Guide

In Nightingale, crafting is super important. Everything you do in the game is about making better gear, building bigger workstations, and finding better materials to use. In this Nightingale Crafting Guide, we will tell you about how the crafting system basically works in the game and all the cool things you can do with it!

How To Craft In Nightingale

Making things in Nightingale becomes complicated fast because there are lots of different parts that affect what you make. There are three main things you have to think about when you’re making something:

  • Materials
  • Workstations
  • Augmentations


First up we are talking about materials. Like in many survival games, you use basic stuff like Wood and Ore to make better stuff like Lumber and Ingots. Then, you can make even fancier things like Guilded Lumber and Etched Ingots by improving those refined materials.

But things become complex when we look at the qualities these materials offer. For instance, let’s take a Tin Ingot and compare it to a Lacunus Ingot.

Tin Lacunus
Critical Damage: 5%

Durability: 10%

Melee Damage: 20%

Fire Resistance: 20%

Durability: 20%

As you can tell, using the Lacunus Ingot gives you stronger advantages. This affects whatever you make with these materials. For example, if you make a Hunting Knife, it will be much better if you use Lacunus. It won’t just be stronger, but it will also be rated higher. The same idea goes for anything else you make, so it’s important to choose your materials carefully when crafting.


Crafting is done at different workstations that you’ll unlock and make better as you play the game. These workstations begin basic, then get better, and eventually become really good. You can buy the plans for each workstation from Essence Traders you’ll meet in the game world.

To make these workstations, you need materials from other workstations. When you reach a new level, start by making the Simple Smelter, then the Brazier, and finally the Blacksmith’s Hearth. These three make the materials you need for the next level of workstations. For instance, to build an Excellent Workbench, you need two Steel Blades, which you can craft by first making a Blacksmith’s Hearth.


Augmentations make Nightingale’s crafting system very complex. Each augmentation lets you create new things. But, you have to unlock the recipes first before you can use them at a workstation. For instance, if you want to make a Chassepot Rifle, you have to make a Crude Ammo Box near your Workbench. Even then, you can’t make it until you buy the recipe from the Essence Trader in a Swamp Provisioner Realm. You need to put Augmentations close to the work areas they help. When you make an Augmentation, you’ll see a green line showing which work areas it helps. Your aim is to make sure each Augmentation helps as many work areas as it can without going over the limit of how much it can help each work area.

Tips For Crafting

In a system as complicated as this one, there are lots of little tricks you can use to do better. As you’re getting used to it, try these tips to make the most of what you have:

  1. Use cards like the Forge or Combatant’s Workshop to make your items stronger or speed up how fast you make things.
  2. Regularly check the “Station Traits” tab on each workstation to see what special upgrades it has.
  3. Keep things organized! There are so many materials to keep track of, it’s easy to get confused. When you’re putting stuff away, hold down the button and choose “Rename” to give the container a clear label, like “Stone” or “Wood.”
  4. If you need to make a bunch of the same thing, do it just before you take a long break. When you come back, they’ll all be finished!

Feel free to use the comment section below to share some of your crafting tips or you can go through our other guides for Nightingale like Fast Travel, Multiplayer Guide, Building Guide, and a lot more.

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