Nightingale Building Guide – Schematic Locations, Blueprints, Tips and Tricks

Nightingale Building Guide

Nightingale is a unique game where you will not only explore different worlds and hunt majestic creatures, but you will also get the opportunity to build different structures. You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing locations, styles, and decorations. Plus, the building system is flexible and has lots of details. We are going to help you in this Nightingale Building Guide to optimize your construction and how to get the most out of it.

Building Guide – Nightingale

Before you can actually build something, you will need to find some schematics and once you have acquired some schematics, you are ready to build them. Read on below to learn everything about building in Nightingale!

Schematics Locations

In the game, you begin with basic plans like Crude Stone Walls. Later, you can buy more plans from Essence Traders you encounter. Below is a list of building styles and where you can buy them:

Style Parts Traders




Advanced Stone Roofs Abeyance
Advanced Stone Walls Desert Astrolabe
Advanced Wood Roofs Abeyance

Forest Antiquarian

Advanced Wood Walls Forest Astrolabe
Second Story Desert Antiquarian

Forest Antiquarian

Unique Wood Forest Astrolabe



Advanced Roofs Desert Gloom
Advanced Walls Desert Hunt
Basic Set Desert Herbarium
Unique Set Desert Hunt
Upper Floor Desert Gloom


Advanced Roofs Forest Gloom
Advanced Walls Forest Hunt
Basic Set Forest Herbarium
Upper Floor Forest Gloom



Advanced Roofs Swamp Gloom
Advanced Walls Swamp Hunt
Basic Set Swamp Herbarium
Unique Set Swamp Hunt
Upper Floor Swamp Gloom


Basic Set Ascended Forest Antiquarian Tileset Trader
Advanced Roofs
Advanced Walls
Upper Floor


Basic Set Ascended Desert Antiquarian Tileset Trader
Advanced Roofs
Advanced Walls
Upper Floor



Basic Set Ascended Swamp Antiquarian Tileset Trader
Advanced Roofs
Advanced Walls
Upper Floor
Unique Set


Once you have some plans, the first thing to do when building your base is to create a blueprint. To begin, press X (or Down on a controller’s D-Pad) to go into Building Mode. Then, go to the Building tab, where you can see the plans you have.

Start by making the foundation, as everything else will be built on top of it. Choose the foundation style you like and mark out where your home will go. Then, add walls, roofs, stairs, and other parts as you design your home. If you put something in the wrong place, you can move or delete it while in Building Mode.

Here are some tips to assist you:

  1. Avoid building on top of tree stumps. Instead, cut them down completely. If you don’t, trees might grow back and cause problems for your house.
  2. While building, take breaks to look at your progress from a distance. This will help you make sure your house is turning out the way you want.
  3. If there’s something you can’t reach to remove, try to remove whatever it’s connected to in order to get rid of both.

Build Limit

When you construct your house in the game, there’s a limit to how much you can build. This limit is shown at the bottom of your screen while you’re in Building Mode. In Nightingale, each structure you build can have up to 350 pieces. However, you can make up to 100 structures in your Abeyance Realm. This means if you arrange them cleverly, you can create one big building with 35,000 pieces. Just make sure each part has its own foundation.

Moving Your House

If you find out too late that trees are growing in your house or if the place you picked isn’t good, you’ll have to move your house somewhere else. It takes a lot of time, but there are ways to make it simpler. First, take all the furniture out of your house and put it in an open area. Then, use the Remove option in Building Mode to take apart your house. You can quickly pick up all the materials you get back by holding down the Interact button. Put all the building materials into a storage box.

Tip: Instead of using a weapon to break parts of your home, use the Remove function instead. Breaking with a weapon only gives back half the materials, but using Remove gives back all materials.

First, use the Move tool in Building Mode to shift the chest to your new spot. If you move it far, it might not show up right away. But don’t fret, it will show up after a few minutes. Then, in Building Mode, make a blueprint of your house again. Watch out for tree stumps or tricky terrain. Once that’s done, empty the chest you moved and use those materials to rebuild your house.

If you moved really far, you’ll need to take apart all the furniture too. You can use a storage container to carry all the materials. But if your new place isn’t too far, you can move the furniture back into your house now.

Helpful Tips for Building in Nightingale

If you want to construct a big fancy house or any complicated building, you’ll need a bunch of materials and plenty of time. These tips can make the building process easier and more enjoyable, saving you time along the way.

Get Lots Of Materials

To craft the fanciest styles, you need lots of special materials like fancy wood or clay. Normally, you’d have to spend a ton of time smashing rocks or chopping trees to get these basic materials. But there’s a shortcut. Go see the Essence Trader in your special place called the Abeyance Realm. You can buy basic materials like wood, metal, and stone there for a good price. If you have high-tier essences, you can turn them into Essence Dust:

  • T1 Essence: 25 Essence Dust
  • T2 Essence: 250 Essence Dust
  • T3 Essence: 2,500 Essence Dust

Settler Card

The Settler Minor Card helps a lot with making things from raw materials. When you refine materials, it makes you get 1.5 times more but rounded down to the nearest whole number. For instance, if you make one piece of wood, you still get one, but if you make two, you actually get three. This is really useful when you’re making lots of materials to build your home.

Long Rests

If you have lots of things to make, start making them when it gets dark. Then, go to sleep for a long time. When you wake up, everything you are making will be done!

Storage Organization

To keep your building materials tidy, you’ll need lots of storage boxes. It’s common for them to get messy. But there’s a trick: when you open a box, hold down the button you use to interact with things. Then, choose “Rename” from the menu that pops up. You can give the box a name that helps you remember what’s inside. This makes it much easier to keep track of all your crates and chests.

That is all for this guide. Check out additional Nightingale Guides below if you need more help with the game:

This concludes our Nightingale Building Guide. Feel free to use the comments section below to add anything to this guide.

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