Nightingale Apex Creatures Guide – How to Find, How to Defeat

Nightingale Apex Creatures Guide

As you explore the most challenging parts of Nightingale’s worlds, you’ll come across huge Fae creatures. They might become your friends or your enemies depending on how you interact with them. In our Nightingale Apex Creatures Guide, we will tell you all about the three Apex creatures that you can find and hunt.

Apex Creatures Guide – Nightingale

This guide details everything that you need to know about Apex Creatures in Nightingale such as where to find them, what to offer them, and how you can defeat them easily.

How To Find The Apex Creatures

They can be hard to find, even though they’re really big. The areas they live in are so big that it takes a while to find them. If you’re looking for the Humbaba or Sun Giant, it’s best to go to a high place, use your Spyglass, and keep looking until you see them. But for the Elder Eoten, it stays in one place. You have to search the map until you see its health bar at the top of your screen. Then, look for a big, twisted tree with a nest nearby.

Sun Giant

Where To Find Him

The Sun Giant wanders only in the Desert Hunt Realms. You can spot him walking around the desert in a meandering path. To find him, climb to a tall spot, use your Spyglass, and search the area.

What To Offer

If you approach a Sun Giant calmly, he will set up a special place where you can give him different items. Depending on what you give him, he will give you basic materials from his realm. But what he really desires is a specific object called a Ritual Curio Configuration. If you give him this, he will give you a special Pellucidic Etched Ingot in return.

During the “Search for a Sun Giant Expert” quest, you’ll get the Ritual Curio Configuration recipe from Danu. At the beginning of the quest, Wilhelmina Sasse tells you to go to the Swamp Gloom Realm to find Danu. Danu wants you to finish Bastilles of Intellect first before giving you the recipe.

You can make the Ritual Curio Configuration using a cut Gem, some plant fibers, and a special metal ingot like copper, silver, or gold. You’ll need a high-quality workbench and one of a few special enhancements nearby:

  • Macabre Rack
  • Danu’s Cauldron
  • Crystal Ball

Defeat The Sun Giant

If you choose to face the Sun Giant directly, get ready for a tough battle. The Sun Giant is very strong because it has some special moves. But, there’s a spot where it’s not so tough, and hitting it there really hurts it a lot. The smartest way to fight the Sun Giant is to be near a big thing that can shield you from its attacks. When it’s not attacking, come out, hit its weak spot, and then hide again to stay safe from its powerful spells.

The Sun Giant has a big necklace with a large, purple gem. This gem is his main weak spot. His head is also weak, but hitting the gem does more damage. To do the most damage, use a far-shooting weapon that can do big damage when you hit critical shots, like the Chassepot Rifle.

Sun Giant Attacks

The Sun Giant has three powerful moves that can cause a lot of damage. It’s smart to keep your Umbrella handy so you can glide down safely when he throws you up in the air. Here are his three attacks:

  • Spire Beam: The Sun Giant shoots beams that create tall pillars when they touch the ground. If you’re near one of these pillars, you’ll get thrown up into the air. Use your Umbrella to glide down safely and avoid getting hurt.
  • Cluster Blasts: The big sun creature gathers twelve energy balls and shoots them at you. The safest thing to do is to hide behind a wall or big rocks to stay safe from the attacks.
  • Whirlwind: The Sun Giant creates a big swirling wind around where you are. It hurts a lot over time and is really big, making it hard to escape from. If you use a Healing Spell, it can help you withstand the damage, giving you a chance to attack the Giant without worrying too much while he uses the spell.



Humbabas wander freely in Swamp Hunt Realms, moving through the trees and swamps without concern. They don’t seem bothered by anything. They won’t attack you right away if you get close. But unlike other friendly creatures in the area, they won’t accept gifts. If you want something from them, you’ll have to battle them.

Defeating Humbaba

The Humbaba is a scary beast in Nightingale, but it’s not invincible. To defeat it, you need a strong melee weapon and attack it from underneath where it can’t hit you easily. Its only vulnerable spot is its head. If you’re using a ranged weapon, be ready to move around a lot to dodge its powerful attacks.

Humbaba Attacks

Now let’s go through his attacks:

  • Swipe: The Humbaba swings one of its front legs in a big curve, tossing anything it touches far away and causing a lot of harm.
  • Slam: The Humbaba pounds its front legs onto the ground, one by one, throwing up dirt and water and completely destroying anything in its way.
  • Poison Fog: The Humbaba releases a dangerous poisonous gas over a large area when it breathes. If you’re attacking it from below, you must steer clear of this particular attack.

Humbaba Loot

If you succeed in defeating a Humbaba, you can use a Hunting Knife with a Gear Score of 40 or higher to remove its skin. After removing the skin, you’ll get:

  • 15 pieces of Humbaba meat
  • 10 Humbaba hides
  • 10 Humbaba bones

These materials are really strong and can be used to make equipment. When turned into Felt, they give a basic Gear Score of 45.

Elder Eoten


The big Elder Eoten creature can only be seen in Forest Hunt Realms. It’s not very hard to spot once you know where to look. It looks really old and twisted, standing out from the other trees around it. And when you get near it, you’ll see a big health bar at the top of your screen. There’s also a bowl nearby where you can leave offerings.


You can give an Elder Eoten lots of offerings, but what it truly craves is meat, especially the special Ritual Fabled Meat you make for the “Heart of the Elder Eoten” quest. In exchange, it will give you an Elder Eoten Heart. And don’t fret, it has plenty to offer in return.

How To Defeat

The big old Eoten is a strong fighter. If you hit its main body, it will stand up and move using its big roots. It also hits you with its roots in big swings that push you away. The best way to fight it is to use a Wood Axe and hit the purple hearts along its roots because they are its weak spots. To hit these weak spots well, stand under the Eoten and swing your axe above your head. During the fight, the Eoten will stick its roots in the ground and create root brambles in a circle around you. To get away, cut down the brambles.

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This concludes our Nightingale Apex Creatures Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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