First Person Medieval Combat Mordhau Hits 500K Sales Since Launch

Mordhau Sales

Mordhau has achieved 500,000 sales in just a week since launch and has 60,000 concurrent players on Steam. The sword combat action game is already a hit since its release, with its assortment of medieval weaponry at your disposal in a very skillful environment the game provides.

Developer and Publisher of the game Triternion shared the announcement in a press note, also stating that the team is working through the early performance of the game and the issues related.  They are working on setting up more servers to assist matchmaking.

Things have not been so smooth since the launch of the game, as it was met with several issues online. Last week, the game experienced server issues, specifically excessively high and constantly fluctuating ping with some bugs that were not awarding players with gold or experience points. Triternion had acknowledged the issues and released several hotfixes including the one that temporarily has dropper the servers down to 48 players instead of 64.

Part of our server infrastructure couldn’t handle the large amount of requests involving rewards, so it got slowed down to a crawl. We’ve been doing maintenance and upgrades and optimizations throughout the whole day and night, and it’s doing much better now. Of course at the same time we also hit a new all-time high of concurrent numbers, so it can be a bit of an uphill battle, because we’re a tiny studio with only two programmers on the team. The rewards have been top-priority, so we’ve lowered the official 64 player servers to 48 while we work on that, it helps keep them under control, but not entirely (some regions fare better) — servers will be tackled next and once we get them in order we will be bringing them back up to 64 players as well as adding more. I wouldn’t be able to give you an exact time on these, we’re more or less working nonstop on getting them resolved and monitoring the situation.

The devs are not only working on the fixes as they have planned to work on ranked and competitive modes for the game. However, there is no timeline provided of when the modes will be brought forth in the game, but the game is only a week old and it is very early to say anything.

Mordhau is a first-person medieval combat game when you can slash your opponent with a variety of medieval weaponry that is at your disposal. The game is available on Steam right now for $10.49.

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