Monster Hunter: World Leshen Guide – How to Kill, Ancient Leshen

Monster Hunter: World Leshen Guide

In this Monster Hunter: World Leshen Guide, we will guide you on how you can find and kill the Leshen in Monster Hunter: World. Leshen is a new monster in Monster Hunter: World which has arrived in the game thanks to the collaboration of The Witcher and Monster Hunter franchises. Leshen is from The Witcher franchise and those who have already played the franchise will know that is one formidable monster to kill in the game.

In this collaboration, we will jump in the shoes of Geralt of Rivia who along with a Nekker has to find and eliminate the mighty Leshen who has transported them both to the forest. The Leshen is residing in the Ancient Forest and it is up to Geralt to find and kill it. Along with the normal Leshen, a timed Ancient Leshen is also present in the game and this guide will detail how to kill the Ancient Leshen as well.

Leshen Guide – Monster Hunter: World

Our Monster Hunter: World Leshen Guide will guide you on how you can find and kill both the Leshen as well as the Ancient Leshen.

How to Find Leshen Quest in Monster Hunter: World

There are pre-requisites that must be fulfilled before you can take on the Leshen in the game. First and foremost is that you have to be Hunter Rank 16 or higher to complete the quest. This can be achieved easily if you have completed the main story of the game. Once you are ready to start the quest, speak with the cats standing near the Astera.

You can also head directly to the Research Base and speak with the person there located at the quest marker. Once the quest has been started, Geralt of Rivia will be summoned to the game and once the prompt appears, begin the quest ‘Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest’. This will put you in the shoes of Geralt of now you are ready to find and take down the Leshen.

I highly recommend that you switch out Geralt’s swords to a weapon from Monster Hunter: World. Fire is super effective against the Leshen so a weapon that deals fire damage to enemies is highly recommended. Fire is your best friend against a Leshen while Dragon and Thunder deal decent damage as well. Avoid using Water and Ice at all costs as they are useless.

However, before you actually get to the fight, you have to complete a few smaller quests. Start by heading to the researcher close to you in the starting area and interacting with them. Once done, start heading down the path where you will find some feathers. This is the beginning of the trail. Start following it and you will come to a dead Aptonoth.

It will be surrounded by some Revoltures so a quick spell of Igni will make them scatter. This completes the first section of your quest. Now you must start heading towards the north-east section of the map. When you come to the highlighted book, examine it and move forward towards the second one. Just make sure that you are following the trail.

When you examine the second book, move on to examining the roots and then you will finally arrive at the researcher. Interact with him and then use Igni to free him. Speak with him again and this will complete the second part of the quest as well. Now that you are done with the two quests, make your way to the new point marked on the map.

Once in area 12, you will be attacked by Jagras. Kill them both and head towards the totem. Use Igni to burn the totem down and this will begin the Leshen fight. Leshen is a very powerful monster and it has some of the tactics straight out of The Witcher franchise in Monster Hunter: World. It will summon Revoltures and it will also create roots around itself to damage you and protect itself.

Before ending the hunt, you can also complete some side quests in the area. You can complete both of them before fighting the Leshen as they are required for the true ending. We have detailed them below.

Rescue the Pukei-Pukei

In the area where you free the researcher with Igni by burning the roots, you can look for the one Pukei-Pukei left alive in the roots. Using Igni will set it free as well.

Strange Markings from Gajalaka

Inside the caves, you can look for a different number of markings. Find any of them and then speak with the researcher located in Area 12. After that, head up the tree and reach the camp near where the nest of Rathalos is located. Kill the Gajalaka here and agree to become their chief. Now go to Area 13 and kill the former chief there along with the vigorwasp to complete this side quest.

Defeating the Leshen

The best weapon against these tactics is Igni. Igni will burn away both the Revoltures as well as the roots to clear a path for you to get in close and deal damage to the Leshen. Do not get close to the Revoltures as they will deal massive claw damage to you while protecting the Leshen. Leshen can also send its roots in claw form to attack you from a distance.

From time to time, it will use its claw-like hand and bury it in the hand and send it towards you. Look at the ground and if you see the ground moving and the disturbance coming in your direction, avoid them at all costs and jump to the side to dodge them. The Leshen can also send the Revoltures towards you when it points its hand towards you.

Leshen is excellent at both ranged and close combat so you will need to watch out for all these attacks. Leshen’s claws can also inflict bleeding effect on you so you must stay away from its claws whether the come out from the ground or melee attacks. In The Witcher franchise, Leshen has the ability to summon wolves but here it can summon Jagras making your life even more hell.

When these annoying creatures appear, try to take them down as quickly as possible because they will make your life hell and will keep bothering you as you try to heal yourself or consume a potion. Igni is the most effective weapon against Leshen and its allies to make sure that you stick to it. Also, fire weapons are a must-have for this fight. Using poison against it is also helpful. Other than that stick with paralysis, avoid stun and sleep at all costs.

Once the Leshen is down, you can collect the Hunter Runestone rune and use the Igni ability with the stone or the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt emote. Now that you have defeated the Leshen, you are ready to take on the Ancient Leshen.

How to Find and Kill the Ancient Leshen

You can only find and kill the Ancient Leshen after you have defeated the normal Leshen in Monster Hunter: World. The Ancient Leshen can only be fought between May 17, 2019, to May 30, 2019, so this is a limited time boss fight. In addition, players have to be Hunter Rank 50 in order to defeat the Ancient Leshen.

Monster Hunter: World Leshen Guide

The Ancient Leshen is tougher and worse than the original one. It is also more resistant to ailments which the original Leshen is more vulnerable to. However, just like the normal one, the Ancient Leshen is weakest against fire-based attacks so you must stick to fire weapons and Igni. Apart from this, you must come equipped with lots of health regenerative augments for your gear and Flash Pods.

Flash Pods will help you interrupt some of the most annoying attacks of the Ancient Leshen. While most of Ancient Leshen’s fight moves are similar to the original one, it comes with two deadly new attacks. First, it can grab and capture the players in its roots which can only be burned to get free. Second, it will land a powerful AoE attack which can only be interrupted with Flash Pods or dodging to the ground to avoid it.

Make sure that you fly towards the camp in Area 11 to cover some distance because the battle starts in area 12. Shooting down the boulder on top of the Ancient Leshen and the Jagras is also extremely helpful in the battle. Apart from this, you must make sure that your teammates are carrying some good buff items including Hardshell Powder, Demon Powder and such. These will help you take down the Ancient Leshen easily.

You must remember that the Ancient Leshen is only present in Monster Hunter: World for a limited time. The time frame for Ancient Leshen starts May 17, 2019, and ends on May 30, 2019.

This concludes our Monster Hunter: World Leshen Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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