Metro Exodus Endings Guide – Good Ending, Bad Ending, Morality

Metro Exodus Endings Guide

In this Metro Exodus Endings Guide, we will guide you on the endings of Metro Exodus and how to achieve the desired ending. Just like previous titles in the franchise, Metro Exodus comes with two different endings based on your morality at the end of the game. If you have good morality, you unlock the good ending and if you have bad morality you will get bad ending.

Our Metro Exodus Endings Guide details every action in the game that will help you achieve the good ending in the game or the bad ending depending on your preference. Throughout the game you will get different opportunities which will shape your morality to be either good or bad. To achieve a specific ending, perform accordingly during these occasions and you will unlock the desired ending at the end.

Endings Guide – Metro Exodus

There are two endings in Metro Exodus and our Metro Exodus Endings Guide will help you achieve both of them easily.

Achieving Good Ending

This is the good ending of the game and it is also the happy one. To achieve the good ending, you basically need to have good morality throughout the game and at the end, your good actions must be greater than your bad actions. Even if you manage to fail some good deeds, try to keep your good deeds higher than bad deeds which will allow you to unlock the good ending.

Along with some general actions, there are also some story specific actions which are required to get the good ending. Keep your morality good and you should be get good ending on your first playthrough. We have detailed all of these actions below so that you can easily achieve the good ending.

General Gameplay

You must make sure that you try to avoid conflict wherever possible. Stick to stealth in the game and do not kill anyone if they can be spared. At certain points, enemies will also surrender in front of you so do not kill such enemies. If completing missions in stealth, stick to non-lethal weapons.

In some situations, avoiding gun fights is not an option. Here you must kill the enemies and your morality is not effected in these situations. Other than that, use stealth wherever possible and avoid killing surrendering enemies.

Chapter 3: Volga

These actions are specific to the third chapter ‘Volga’ of the main story.

  • Complete the Guitar and Teddy Bear sidequests. You must find and return the Teddy Bear to the little girl at the train. Same goes for the guitar as well.
  • Avoid killing the Fanatics in the area. You will find them on the west of the Gas Station busy in a ritual, inside the Church and inside the barge at the end of the chapter.
  • Free the Fanatic prisoners inside the bandit camp
  • Do not kill Fanatics on the bridge and you must use stealth to confront the father and save Duke. Try to avoid alerting guards as well during this section.

Chapter 6: Caspian Sea

These actions are specific for the sixth chapter ‘Caspian Sea’ of the main campaign.

  • Avoid killing any slaves at all costs. They do not attack you so do not kill them as well. This seriously damages your good morality.
  • Avoid killing the soldier that ambushes you while investigating the truck and then later complete his side quest.
  • At the Slave Camps, do not kill guards. Instead use stealth and knock them out. These Slave Camps are located in the Mine and the Shipwreck.
  • Head to the Prison and free all prisoners.
  • Head under the lighthouse and while exploring the government facility there, collect the family photo.

Chapter 8: Taiga

These actions are specific for the eighth chapter of the main campaign.

  • Avoid killing the forest tribe members. Use stealth here.
  • Avoid killing any unarmed forest tribals in the area including the hermit.
  • Avoid killing the wounded forest tribe members
  • These actions will help you get positive morality and eventually you will unlock the good ending when you finish the main story of the game.

Bad Ending

To get the bad ending, you must become the exact opposite of what you are for the good ending. Kill every one, do not spare anyone. Kill everything that moves in your path and become the ultimate badass. When you reach the end with the bad morality, you will automatically unlock the bad ending.

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This concludes our Metro Exodus Endings Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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    1. No you do not need any specific actions in other chapters. Just make sure that you are not needlessly killing people and using stealth wherever possible and you should be good to go with the good ending.

  1. “Avoid killing the soldier that ambushes you while investigating the truck and then later complete his side quest.”
    Which truck do you mean? Where does this happen? I just finished the Caspian Desert part but don’t remember being ambushed anywhere at a truck.

    1. You do not actually get ambushed by the truck. The soldier is called Saul and he jumps you while you are at the top of the rooftop near the start of the Caspian Sea chapter. This is during the first mission of this area.

  2. If I didn’t avoid stealth and knocked all the enemies out while detected, except for the surrendering enemies, will I still get the good ending?

    1. Knocking out is fine as long as you do not kill your enemies. The main purpose of remaining in stealth is to knock out enemies easily because mostly if you get detected, you end up killing the enemies instead of knocking them out. If you still managed to knock out alerted enemies instead of killing them, you are good to go.

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