Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations Guide – All Photo Rally Locations

In Hawaii, there are great spots for photos, and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has a contest called Photo Rally. Ichiban Kasuga can take pictures in Honolulu (and later Yokohama) to complete different photo boards in the Photo Rally app. Then, he can exchange them at Alo-Happy Tours for rewards like weapons and armor. Finding these photo rally spots can be a little hard but this Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations Guide lists all of them for you. Keep an eye out for these Photo Rally spots everywhere you go!

Photo Rally Locations Guide – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Below you will find all photo rally locations across all of the areas:

Unlocking The Photo Rally App    

You get the Photo Rally app in Chapter 5: Suspicious Minds when you go to the Alo-Happy Tours office in Worldwide Marketplace Village. Elizabeth, who works there, will show Kasuga the tours. Then, the mascot, Alo-Happy himself, will come to him and, umm… persuade him to join the tour company’s Photo Rally.

When you find a Photo Rally spot, it will have a camera icon. To take a good picture, open your camera and snap a photo when the icon turns green. You’ll know you got it right when Kasuga says “This is it” and the location is checked off in your Photo Rally app. After you’ve taken all the photos in a place, go back to Alo-Happy at the main office in Worldwide Market Village to get your reward. In Yokohama, you can hand in your finished Photo Rallies at the Alo-Happy Tours Ijincho location.

Little Japan Photo Rally

Coconut Turtle: This cute little creature is sitting on the wall of a green building on Makani Avenue.

Ukulele Girl & Boy

You can see a cute ukulele couple in a store window on Momo Street.

Jeff’s Tacos Food Truck

Jeff’s Taco Truck, a bright golden food truck, is parked by the river in a park in West Waikiki.

Matsumoto Shaved Ice Sign

You’ll find this bright sign hanging on the wooden wall inside the Matsumoto Shave Ice building.

Revolve Bar Sign

Go outside the Revolve Bar, your team’s place in Hawaii, and take a picture of the sign above the door.

Yamabiko Store Sign

This sign hangs outside the Yamabiko weapon store in Little Japan, at the corner of Tsubaki Street near Revolve Bar.

Plant On Windowsill

This plant with its traditional decorations is placed right outside a house on the corner where Tsubaki Street meets Waikiki Street.

Lucky Cat

You can find this lucky beacon inside the gambling hall tucked away in a hidden alley in Little Japan.

Leaping Dolphin Mural

These happy dolphins are painted on the wall of a white house near Ryukai Shrine.

Shinobi Sushi

Go into Shinobi Sushi and go to the left side. Look up and a bit to the left, and you’ll spot a hidden ninja peeking down at you.

Ryukai Shrine Interior

Go to the Ryukai Shrine and snap a photo of its beautifully decorated inside for your Photo Rally app.

Ganryujima Armory – Daruma

After that, go to Ganryujima Armory and snap a photo of the big Daruma doll with glowing eyes.

Ahi Poke Signs

Check out the park near Waikiki Street to discover a small, famous poke restaurant. Snap a photo of its bright neon sign.

Big King Pizza Mascot

Take a picture of the happy pizza mascot on the wall outside Big King Pizza near Waikiki Street.

When you finish the Little Japan Photo Rally, you’ll get the Ephemeral Short Sword, a powerful weapon for Kunoichi. Next up, we have Waikiki in our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations Guide.

Waikiki Photo Rally

Seaworthy Treasures Window Display

Snap a fast photo of the bright Hawaiian display at Seaworthy Treasures on Waikiki Street.

Cream & Berry Sign

You can see a surfboard-shaped sign in the Cream & Berry pancake shop in Waikiki, where Miss Match likes to hang out.

Seaside Park Statue

You can find this bright dolphin statue in Seaside Park, right by Seaside Avenue.

Mohala Shave Ice Menu

Check out Mohala Shave Ice on Aloha Street for a list of flavors. They’ve got three delicious options to choose from!

Alo Happy Tours Logo

Take a picture of the Alo-Happy mascot standee to begin the Photo Rally.

Hawaii Plaza Shopping Center Sign

You can find this shiny shopping center sign at the corner of Aloha and Kaku Streets. It looks like something you’d see in Shibuya.

Dog & Pineapple

You can take a picture of this cute store display with dogs and pineapples. It’s in a window of a store in West Waikiki, right across from the park.

“No Surf, No Life” Sign

You can spot this sign with important life advice behind the surf shop called No Surf, No Life.

Snowtown USA Sign

Next to the Snowtown USA shop, there’s a neon sign shaped like an ice cream cone. It’s a cool and refreshing sight, just like a tropical treat!

Guava juice Bar Sign

Kasuga can’t visit this guava-focused juice bar near Mocha Mahalo in East Waikiki, but it’s there.

Julie’s Gearworks Logo

To capture this photo, you need to go to Julie’s Gearworks in Waikiki, close to Revolve Bar. Remember, taking a picture at the Anaconda Shopping Center or anywhere else won’t count for the Rally!

Oahu Burger Sign

You can find this sign in the famous Hawaiian burger place. Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious burger or two while you’re there!

Aloha Beach Entrance Statue

The statue at Aloha Beach’s main entrance shows a man holding a surfboard.

Surfboard Display

You can find these surfboards near the Kope Pot surf rental shop, down an alley from Waikiki to Aloha Beach.

Crystal Aloha Resort Sign

The Crystal Aloha is the fanciest resort in Hawaii, so you’ll notice many signs showing where it is. To complete the Rally, take a photo of the sign near the traffic circle at the back entrance.

When you finish the Waikiki Photo Rally, you get the Surf Flounder. It’s a 3-star weapon that Aquanauts can use.

Anaconda Shopping Center Rally

Large Gold Anaconda Sign

The first Anaconda sign in the Photo Rally is here! It has gold letters and is on the first floor near Dante’s Delights in the mall.

Arcade Sign

You’ll find this sign above the claw machines at the Anaconda Arcade on the shopping center’s first floor.

Snake Photo Spot

You can find this photo spot with a pink snake mascot near the Anaconda Arcade, just around the corner.

Snake In A Jar

You can find this robotic snake on the mall’s second floor, near the flamingos in the central plaza. It moves in and out of a jar, so make sure to take a picture when you see it.

Shopping Center North Entrance

To complete the Photo Rally, make sure to take a picture of the big gold sign at the north entrance of the Anaconda Shopping Center.

Shopping Center South Entrance

Leave through the Anaconda Shopping Center parking deck, then look back. There’s a sign with a white snake above the entrance.

Shopping Center West Entrance

You can see the Anaconda Shopping Center sign behind the glass. It’s surrounded by pink and blue paintings. You’ll find it on the mall’s first floor.

Hidden Snake On Planter

In the shopping center, there are hidden anacondas. One is by a planter outside the Fiddler Brand shoe store.

Hidden Snake In Window

You can find the second hidden anaconda in the window display of Kentauros Designer Clothing on the second floor of the mall.

Hidden Snake In Restroom

You can find the last secret anaconda on the tile design of the men’s restroom on the first floor.

When you finish the Anaconda Shopping Center Photo Rally, you get a reward called the Wonder Gown. It’s armor that might give you a special boost at the beginning of your turn.

Chinatown, Downtown, and Harbor District Photo Rally

Octopus Wall Art

The wall outside the Barracuda headquarters in District Five has a cool spray-painted octopus or maybe a kraken on it.

Buster’s Pizza Sign

In District Five, near the Diamond Head bar, there’s a sign for Buster’s Pizza with three pizza slices on a window.

Club Guilty Logo

Take a photo of the bright neon sign above Club Guilty, found at the end of the street in District Five.

Chair In Ruined Building

Just after Club Guilty, there’s a broken building sectioned off. Look through the partly covered door to see your next photo spot: a single armchair with boxing gloves on it.

Café Soramame Mascots

In Cafe Soramame, there are cute plush bean mascots shown on a shelf.

This spot becomes temporarily unavailable while the café is closed during substory #22: Rise and Grind.

Sunset Park Fountain

You can find this big fountain in the middle of the square in Sunset Park, Downtown District.

Aloha Oe Fountain

A bit smaller than the fountain we talked about earlier, you can find this water feature in front of the Aloha Oe Spa.

Shark Teeth Souvenirs

When you’re buying souvenirs, don’t forget to snap a photo of the entrance to Shark Teeth Souvenirs, a store on Kolonahe Street.

Weapon Shop Pandas

You can spot these pandas inside the hidden weapon shop located in the back streets of Chinatown.

Nirvana Hotel Sign

The huge Nirvana Hotel is the fanciest place in Chinatown. When you’re exploring, snap a photo of its sign for your Photo Rally app.

Miss Ginseng

You’ll spot this friendly yet kind of eerie mascot outside the herbal store in Chinatown’s narrow streets.

Elevator Panda

A cute panda guards the secret elevator that leads to Chinatown’s mahjong parlor.

Closed Liquor Store Sign

Unfortunately, the Another Bottle liquor store on Downtown Street is closed, so you can’t stop for a drink while taking a photo of its sign.

Smoothie Shop Counter

Not far from Miss Ginseng’s herb store is the Fantasy Smoothie Shop, a popular spot downtown.

Colorful Umbrellas

Outside Clean-Clean Household Supplies, you’ll see a bunch of colorful umbrellas.

If you finish the Photo Rally in Chinatown, Downtown, and Harbor District, you’ll get the Fluffy Maracas, a 3-star weapon for the Geodancer job.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations Guide

Cultural District and Harbor Park Photo Rally

Harbor Park Bridge

In Harbor Park, there’s a little stream in the middle. A pale stone bridge crosses over it, connecting both sides. It’s a romantic place to meet up and take beautiful pictures.

Harbor Park Statue

The second statue with dolphins for the Photo Rally is at Harbor Park’s entrance.

Horizon Drugs Sign

Snap a photo of the sign for Horizon Drugs, a store located on the west side of the Anaconda Shopping Mall.

Flower Display

You can find these bright flowers in a shop window, specifically at the furniture store on Twilight Drive.

Dolls & Devils Sign

The Dolls & Devils Club on Twilight Drive is a cool spot to chill with your friends and strengthen your bonds. Remember to snap a photo of the outside sign for the Photo Rally checklist while you’re there.

Hip Hop Shrimp

The Hip Hop Shrimp food truck is parked near Harbor Park. To finish your Photo Rally, take a picture of its logo.

Hyper Ecstacy Window

This window at Hyper Ecstasy, a shop for adult items on Twilight Drive, shows off adult toys and clothes.

Large Bird Art Mural

This big painting shows a huge bird with its wings wide open. You can find it on one of the Art Walls in the back streets of the Cultural District.

Psychedelic Coffee Sign

In the Art Walls area, you’ll find Psychedelic Coffee, a super-secret coffee shop in Honolulu. Remember to snap a picture of its sign.

Bar Moderne Sign

Bar Moderne on Harbor Street is another place where you can get a drink in Honolulu, but it’s not as nice as some others.

Ounabara Vocational School Sign

Go into the Ounabara Vocational School and snap a photo of the sign on one of the walls inside.

Cabaret El Dorado

Cabaret El Dorado is a place on Night Street where you can take pictures, even though it’s closed now.

Bullet Hell Pineapples

These pineapples, or maybe they’re grenade-shaped pineapples, are shown outside the Bullet Hell Armory, right at the corner of the Cultural District.

LiberTea Sign

Go to the corner where Night Street meets Downtown Street. There’s a tea shop named LiberTea. Snap a picture of its glowing green sign for your Photo Rally app.

Closed-Down Bar

You can find another closed bar on Twilight Drive, opposite a shop named “Beach.” Take a picture of its sign to finish the Photo Rally.

For completing the Cultural District and Harbor Park Photo Rally, you get the Electric Whip, a 4-star Night Queen weapon that can sometimes paralyze enemies.

Yokohama Bar District Photo Rally

Ichiban Confections Store

You can find a shop selling Ichiban rice crackers and snacks on Sunrise Street, close to the entrance of the Bar District.

Leda Statue

Take a photo of the big statue outside the LEDA building. It’s a huge stone face of a man.

Hustle Boutique

Hustle Boutique is the only store in the Bar District where you can buy clothes and armor. You can find it on the far west street in the district.

Music Café Mother

There’s a small music cafe next to Survive Bar with a cool sign. You should snap a picture of it for the Photo Rally.

Survive Bar Sign

Survive Bar, which is Kiryu and friends’ favorite spot in Yokohama, is part of the Bar District Photo Rally. Take a photo of the sign above the bar’s awning.


A cute mascot is on the second floor of a row of shops near the river in the Bar District.

Animal Mania Bar

One street over from Survive Bar, there’s a bunch of small shops and bars close together. Animal Mania is about halfway down, and you should capture a photo of its sign.

Capsule Hotel Sign

The capsule hotel with a striking purple sign is your next Photo Rally stop. It’s located just south of Kinka Bridge.

Izakaya Yamaimo

Beside Kinka Bridge, there’s an old-style izakaya, but it’s closed. However, you can still take a photo of it!

Fortune Teller

In the Bar District’s upper corner, after Kinka Bridge and at the map’s edge, you can capture a picture of the fortune teller’s shop with a red awning.

When you finish the Yokohama Bar District Photo Rally, you get the Boom Bag as a reward. It’s a 4-star weapon for Saeko Mukoda’s unique Barmaid job. Now moving on with our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations Guide.

Yokohama Downtown Photo Rally

Private Sauna Sign

The Shin Sen Kan private sauna is on West Tsurukame Highway, across from the river.

Koreatown Entrance Archway

At the entrance of Koreantown, off Hyakkei Street, there’s a decorated metal archway.

Kushikatsu Kadoya

This restaurant is in the northern part of Koreatown, along Yokohama Boulevard, not far from the Residential District taxi stand.

Julie’s Gearworks

Julie’s Gearworks, originally from Hawaii, has a branch in Yokohama. Take a picture of the outside in the Commercial District.

Takyama Photos

Snap a shot of the sign outside the photo developer on West Central Street, past the Hello Work office.

Hello Work Office

Ichiban Kasuga worked at the Hello Work Office on Central Street at the beginning of the game. Photograph the sign on the south side of the building.

Goblin Coffee

Start at Sasaki Arcade, go north, and cross West Tsurukame Highway to find a cafe with a white, red, and green sign.

Pinky Rabbit Club

In the Red Light District, east of Love Magic store, photograph the rabbit logo on the side of the club.

View From Kasuga’s Apartment

Go to Ichiban Kasuga’s apartment porch, look outward, and take a picture of the view, blocked by several large signs.

Closed Seagull Cinema

The closed cinema on Ijin Street, across from the You Tian restaurant, has a black and white awning resembling a film reel.

Hotel Bunny’s Sculpture

At the intersection of Hyakkei Alley and Hyakkei Street, a hotel has a distinctive white sculpture in a recessed niche on the street corner.

Revenge Books Mascot

Revenge Books store, near the East Tsurukame Highway taxi stop, has a green mascot with glasses reading a book. Photograph it.

Old Mountain Restaurant

Near the entrance to Isezaki Road, west of Yoshinoya restaurant, is the rustic Old Mountain. Take a picture of its sign.

Wette Kitchen Dinosaur

Wette Kitchen, on the corner of North Isezaki Street, has a mascot of a dinosaur devouring a hamburger. Photograph the dinosaur’s head for the Photo Rally.

Isezaki Ijuncho Entrance Sign

The iconic Isezaki Ijincho section of Yokohama is marked by a huge entrance sound at the northern entrance to Isezaki Road.

Completing the Yokohama Downtown Photo Rally earns you the Rose Amore, a 4-star champagne bottle serving as a weapon for the Host job.

Yokohama Uptown Photo Rally

Seiryo High School Gate

Take a photo of the entrance gate of Seiryo High School, which is on the northwest corner of the Yokohama map, just over the bridge.

Heaven’s Golf Entrance

Heaven’s Golf is on Kinka Street, across the river from Seiryo High School. Capture a picture of its logo, showing a person golfing.

Motorcycle Garage 5 & 6

Find the closed garage on Jinnai Service Road, near Kappo Katsumi restaurant on the south side.

Jinnai Station West Gate

Enter Jinnai Station through the west entrance and snap a picture of the ticket gates for the Photo Rally app.

Alo-Happy Tours Ijincho

Alo-Happy Tours in Hawaii is part of the Photo Rally. Capture a photo of the mascot outside the tour office.

The Bee Interior Sign

Visit The Bee Darts bar off Bayside Street, and take a photo of the small sign by the entrance surrounded by plants.

Batting Cage Shark Mascot

Inside the Mirai Batting Center in North Jinnai district, take a picture of the sign. This location is part of Chapter 8 of the game’s story.

Jinnai Bronze Hotel

Photograph the north entrance of the luxurious hotel at the intersection of West Carriage Highway and Bayside Street.

M’HOLD’Em Poker Parlor

M’HOLD’Em poker parlor on the east side of Daikokuten Street needs a photo of its sign in the upper window.

Cut House Timeline Building

Capture an image of the large building on the corner of Carriage Highway and Daikokuten Street past the East Carriage Highway taxi station.

Hamakita Park Fountain

Take a photo of the fountain on the east side of Hamakita Park, north of Hamakita Park Avenue, but beware of high-level enemies in the area.

“Swine La Tang” Statue

Snap a picture of the iconic statue at the north entrance of Chinatown, near The Bun Sauna, at the intersection of Chinatown and Pier Street.

Chinatown Park Pavillion

In the southeast part of Chinatown, photograph the small park with a pavilion where many enemies hang out.

Heian Tower Restaurant

At the very eastern edge of Chinatown, take a photo of the Heian Tower, a Chinese restaurant with an elaborate design.

Zenshomon – Chinatown Entry Arch

Capture a picture of the archway marking the entrance to Chinatown in the southern part, near the Sweet Heaven building, with a dragon-shaped row of lanterns.

When you finish the Yokohama Uptown Photo Rally, you get a Pancake Maker as a reward. It’s a 5-star weapon that chefs can use.

That is all for this Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations Guide. If you are looking for more Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth guides, check out our Beginner’s Guide, Money Farming Guide, and Jobs Guide.

This concludes our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Photo Rally Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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