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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Best Weapons Guide

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth lets Ichiban Kasuga and his friends switch between different roles. Each character starts with one job. You can unlock more jobs by going on tours at Alo-Happy Tours offices in Hawaii and Yokohama. You can also change jobs at Alo-Happy Rooms found throughout the map. Players will meet many cool characters along the way so rest assured that most of them will be introduced as you play through the main story, so just keep playing to meet them. This Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Jobs Guide lists not just all of the jobs you can do in the game but also some of the best ones as well.

Jobs Guide – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

There are different tiers of jobs in the game. Below you will find all of them:

Starting Jobs

Every party member starts with a basic job. Some of these jobs are really helpful and worth keeping for a long time. But some aren’t that great, so it’s better to change your party members out of those jobs as soon as you can.


Ichiban Kasuga starts off with the job of Freelancer. (At the beginning, he’s actually a Hello Worker, but he switches to Freelancer soon after.) Freelancer isn’t very helpful, so it’s usually best to change Kasuga’s job to Hero as soon as you can.


Ichiban Kasuga’s second job, Hero, is a big improvement over Freelancer. Hero is all about dealing physical damage with Kasuga’s trusty bat weapons. But as a Hero, Kasuga can also help heal and bring back party members with his positive attitude and constant support.

Dragon of Dojima

Kazuma Kiryu’s initial job honors the abilities he mastered in the earlier Yakuza games. It allows him to switch between Heat, Rush, and Beast Styles, showcasing his versatile skills. This job offers multiple attacks, grappling moves, and Kiryu’s powerful Heat Actions for dealing extra damage. Plus, it’s great because it doesn’t rely on weapons, which can help you save a lot of money!


This is Eric Tomizawa’s starting job. Cabbies use wrenches and are quite adaptable, plus capable of dealing various types of elemental and weapon damage. One special thing about Cabbies is that almost all of their weapons can be upgraded into stronger elemental versions at Julie’s Gearworks. This makes Cabbies effective at causing paralysis, freezing, or burning in enemies.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Jobs Guide


Chitose Fujinomiya shows off her ballet moves and dangerous charms in her starting job called Heiress. When she’s a Heiress, she uses ballet moves to attack enemies and can also heal friends, enchant foes, and temporarily make herself stronger. It’s worth noting that some of her moves have a Grapple effect, which helps to break through enemies’ defenses.


Making a comeback from Like a Dragon is the Detective job, which is for Koichi Adachi. (Although Adachi’s retired now, he’s always a detective at heart!) This job packs a punch and shares some similarities with Kasuga’s roles, but it can also make Adachi one of your strongest attackers. Keep in mind that, except for a short time in Chapter 1, Adachi joins the party once you can switch jobs.

Homeless Guy

Nanba’s returned, and although his life’s gotten better, he’s still classified as a Homeless Guy. This job relies totally on skills and can cause huge fire damage, hitting multiple enemies at once with some of its moves. But Nanba doesn’t have a lot of health, so he can be quite vulnerable compared to others in the group. Remember, Nanba joins the party once you unlock job switching, except for a short time in Chapter 1.


Saeko Mukoda begins again as a Barmaid, using her handbag and alcohol bottles to fight enemies. Sadly, like before, Barmaid isn’t the best job, so it’s a good idea to change Saeko’s job quickly. But one good thing about being a Barmaid is that she can bring allies back to life with the Essence of Remotivation skill.


The final new member to join your team in Infinite Wealth is Seonhee, who becomes playable after her important role as a key NPC in the first game. Seonhee begins as an Assassin, using her agility and strength to deal heavy physical damage. She can also use whips to paralyze enemies, which comes in handy when battling against many opponents at once.


Joongi Han is back with the default Hitman job, focused on swiftly taking out many enemies. This job includes various attacks using knives, punches, and guns. If you aim to target enemy weaknesses, the Hitman job is excellent. It provides very strong attacks but lacks defense, so consider boosting Joongi’s defense with armor or accessories.


Zhao, a Gangster, is skilled at close-range combat, but there’s more to it than that. The Gangster job has abilities to weaken enemies and help teammates recover, making it one of the most versatile starting jobs. It includes both single-target and multiple-target attack skills, making it useful for fighting both groups of enemies and bosses.

Alo-Happy Tours Hawaii Jobs

You can unlock these jobs at the Alo-Happy Tours office in Worldwide Market Village, located in Waikiki. You’ll visit this office for the first time in Chapter 5 of Infinite Wealth. The Aquanaut job is the only one that you can unlock for free, but you need to buy the associated tour to unlock the rest.

Action Star (male only)

  • Requires Charisma Level 4. Unlocks via Parasailing Experience Tour ($200)

The Action Star job is all about dealing a lot of damage, with many skills that can smash enemies together to cause even more harm. It mainly concentrates on attacking one enemy at a time, although its ability to push enemies back helps balance that out a bit. One standout skill of this job is Relentless Dragon’s Dance, which doubles the damage of your next attack. This makes it a great choice for taking on bosses.

Aquanaut (male only)

  • Requires Kindness Level 1. Unlocks via Diving Tour (free)

With surfboards in hand, the Aquanaut job adds excitement to battles with its flashy moves. Not only does it look cool, but it’s also pretty effective in combat. The Aquanaut can both heal teammates and attack multiple enemies at once with wide-range moves. What’s really special is that some attacks call upon sea creatures like dolphins and jellyfish to help, dealing with water and electric damage.

Desperado (male only)

  • Requires Style Level 5. Unlocks via Water Gun Shoot-out Tour ($1600)

The Desperado is a cowboy in Hawaii who deals heavy damage with guns. Its shots can also apply fire or water damage and debuff enemies by silencing, poisoning, or putting them to sleep. Although it’s not very sturdy in terms of health, it can heal itself and remove status effects with the skill Campfire Cookout.

Pyrodancer (male only)

  • Requires Passion Level 3. Unlocks via Fire Dancing Tour ($200)

The Pyrodancer job, mainly for males, has low health and defense but strong attack and magic. It deals both physical and magical damage, using fire and electricity. A special skill, Soul Predator, lets the Pyrodancer heal by draining HP from enemies.

Samurai (male only)

  • Requires Confidence Level 5. Unlocks via Trolley Tour ($1600)

This brave fighter has strong attack and defense, making it a great job for any party. Although it’s limited in damage types, its specialty lies in applying the Bleeding status to enemies. With skills like Shadow Cleave and Shadow Dance, it deals extra damage to bleeding enemies.

Geodancer (female only)

  • Requires Passion Level 1. Unlocks via Hula Tour ($200)

The Geodancer is a magic type job that’s great for healing and supporting the team. Her skills are cheap on MP but have strong effects, like group healing and boosting magic, willpower, and evasion. With Breath of Life, she can revive an ally and heal them halfway for just 20 MP.

Housekeeper (female only)

  • Requires Kindness Level 4. Unlocks via Duty-Free Shopping Tour ($200)

Similar to the Geodancer, the Housekeeper uses a lot of magic. She can attack with fire and water elements. Despite being a mage, she’s quite tough, with high HP and defense. Her Scrum Scraper skill can remove all buffs from an enemy, and she can even suck up money with her vacuum!

Kunoichi (female only)

  • Requires Intellect Level 5. Unlocks via Yoga Tour ($1600)

Kunoichi is like Samurai for female characters, offering strong attack options. It has both single-target and ranged attacks, some causing negative statuses like sleep or paralysis. With Substitution Jutsu, Kunoichi can skip her turn to let another teammate act, handy if she can’t exploit an enemy’s weakness but someone else can.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Jobs Guide

Yokohama Jobs

In Chapter 8, you unlock Yokohama jobs at the Ijincho branch of Alo-Happy Tours. Unlike Hawaii, you don’t need to pay for these jobs. The Yokohama set includes some familiar jobs from the previous game.

Breaker (male only)

  • Requires Charisma Level 4

Breaker is a very strong physical job that mainly targets single enemies, though it has some attacks that hit multiple enemies. Breakers are great at boosting their own stats with each attack and increasing the chance of landing critical hits on enemies.

Chef (male only)

  • Requires Charisma Level 4

The Chef, skilled in cooking, mainly deals fire damage but also has physical attacks. Chef’s moves can cause various status effects like burning and bleeding. With the special move Wound Opener, the Chef can remove an enemy’s bleeding but weaken one of their stats.

Host (male only)

  • Requires Charisma Level 4

The Host is a magic class that deals both water and fire damage. It’s versatile, able to weaken enemies, strengthen allies, and steal items from foes. A standout skill, Wonder Cocktail, doubles the damage of the Host’s next magic attack, allowing them to deal significant damage to enemies with just one spell.

Idol (female only)

  • Requires Charisma Level 4

The Idol is mainly for support. While she doesn’t deal big damage, she can heal and bring back allies. She can also charm enemies with Impish Kiss and cure all party status problems with Miraculous Voice. Idols usually have a lot of MP compared to other jobs.

Night Queen (female only)

  • Requires Charisma Level 4

The Night Queen is a strong attacker, dealing both physical and elemental damage, especially with fire and electricity. Using whips, she can paralyze enemies. Some of her attacks also have a chance to charm enemies while causing damage. It’s the strongest attacker job for female party members, making Chitose, Seonhee, and Saeko formidable on the battlefield.


Sujimancer is a unique job just for Ichiban Kasuga. It’s connected to the Sujimon Battling side quest. Kasuga gets this job after beating Jack, the first member of the Sujimon League’s Discreet Four. Now, as a Sujimancer, Kasuga can call on Sujimon in battle to do different elemental attacks. Some Sujimon can even heal when needed!

DLC Jobs

Linebacker (male only)

  • Requires Confidence Level 5. Unlocks via Coconut Tasting Tour ($1600)

Inspired by American football, the Linebacker is a strong physical job that aims to make enemies angry. The Linebacker’s special move, Essence of Endzone, does more damage if there are more angry enemies. Besides attacking, Linebackers can also heal themselves and boost either their own defense or the defense of the whole party.

Tennis Ace (female only)

  • Requires Charisma Level 5. Unlocks via Resort Salon & Spa Tour ($1600)

This fast job relies on agility, enabling the Tennis Ace to swiftly attack and defeat enemies before they retaliate. Most of her attacks use guns, but she can also use electricity. Some attacks bypass Guard, while others push enemies back as if she were serving a tennis ball.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Jobs Guide

Best Jobs

With lots of jobs available, it can be tough to pick the right one for each party member. While it’s good to try different ones, here are some of the top choices in the game:

Dragon of Dojima

As the iconic hero of many Yakuza games, Kazuma Kiryu starts with a super strong job. You can stick with Kiryu in this job all game, and he’ll be one of your best fighters from start to finish. The Dragon of Dojima job lets Kiryu switch between Heat, Beast, and Rush styles for different attacks. His skills come from his past experiences, offering both single-target and AOE damage. Kiryu can even use his ultimate skill to briefly switch back to the combat style of earlier games!


Ichiban Kasuga starts with the powerful Hero job (his other default job, Freelancer, is one of the weakest in the game.) With bats, he deals strong physical damage – but the Hero does more than just attack. This flexible job lets Kasuga heal allies, bring them back to life, and boost their stats with his uplifting personality. Don’t forget to visit Julie’s Gearworks to upgrade the Hero’s bats, as many need enhancements to reach their full power.


Kasuga excels not only as a Hero but also as a Sujimancer, unlocked by defeating the first member of the Sujimon Discreet Four. Unlike the Hero, this job focuses on magical damage. Kasuga can summon Sujimon to deal fire, water, and electric damage, poison enemies, and heal allies. The potent Essence of Sujimon Second Wind skill can revive fallen allies and restore half their HP.


The best healing and support job in Infinite Wealth is the Idol, unlocked exclusively for females in Yokohama. With plenty of MP, the Idol can use various spells to heal allies, charm enemies, and weaken foes. Using Miraculous Voice, the Idol can clear all negative status effects from the party at once. Its ultimate skill, Essence of Idol Spirit, can revive a fallen ally with full HP, a rare ability in the game.


The Samurai is a strong pick for sturdy male characters like Ichiban Kasuga and Koichi Adachi. It has high attack and defense, allowing it to deal damage and withstand hits well. Many of its attacks make enemies bleed, and some advanced skills deal extra damage to bleeding foes. Plus, it can do both regular physical damage with its swords and gun-type damage with its bow and arrow attacks.


Kunoichi is a potent damage dealer with several tricks. She can damage both single targets and groups of enemies, using various types including elemental fire damage, and can also put enemies to sleep. With high agility, Kunoichi is fast and often strikes first. She can also sacrifice her turn using Substitution Jutsu, allowing another party member to attack twice in one round.


Unlocked in Chapter 5, this cowboy-inspired job, like Samurai and Kunoichi, is a top choice. It’s great for Gun damage, mainly using gun-type attacks. The Desperado has balanced stats, strong in attack and magic, but lower in HP and defense. Alongside gun-type moves, it deals water and fire damage, poisons enemies, and silences their skills. It also has a healing skill called Campfire Cooking.

Try out these jobs and figure out which ones you believe are the best and feel free to use the comment section below to let us know which jobs you liked the best! For more guides, check out the links below:

This concludes our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Jobs Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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