Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Crafting Materials Guide – How to Farm

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, expert mechanic Julie can use different materials to make and improve weapons for Kasuga and his crew. Having better weapons can help you win fights. That’s why it’s crucial to always have enough materials on hand for Julie to make top-notch weapons whenever you visit her. On the bright side, there are many ways to gather materials in Infinite Wealth. We have listed some of the top strategies to collect all kinds of materials for making weapons in our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Crafting Materials Guide.

Crafting Materials Guide – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

There are different ways to farm crafting materials in Like a Dragon: Infinite and you will find some of the best ones below:

Dumpster Diving

Basic crafting materials like Fragments and Chunks are easy to find all over the place. Kasuga can use his Treasure Hunt skill to search for items behind cars and in front of vending machines. He can also check Dumpsters and look through trash bags because sometimes what someone else sees as trash, Kasuga might find useful.

Besides that, you can find crafting materials inside silver briefcases spread throughout the game world. It’s a good idea to open every briefcase you see because it might contain valuable crafting materials, weapons, armor, healing items, and other useful stuff.

Turn In The Weapons You Don’t Need

As you search through every Dumpster and chest in Hawaii and Yokohama, you’ll find many copies of the basic weapons for each job. You can trade these not-so-good weapons at Julie’s Gearworks for crafting materials. Remember, each weapon gives different materials when you break it down, so it’s smart to check what you’ll get before giving away each weapon.

Aloha Links Rescue

Basic Iron Chunks are quite common in crafting, but they’re super useful. You need them to make most weapons better in the game. If you want to make your team’s weapons as strong as possible, you’ll need lots of them. The good thing is, every time you save one of your Aloha Links from bad guys, you get an Iron Chunk.

While you’re exploring the streets of Hawaii, watch out for groups of enemies bothering innocent people. If you jump in and help your friend, you’ll not only get an Iron Chunk, but you’ll also make your bond with that Aloha Link stronger. It’s amazing how many rewards come from just one good deed!

Item Drops in Battle

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, when you defeat enemies, they usually drop some crafting stuff, like Shards, but mostly the basic ones. But, if you wear gear that helps you get more items from enemies, you can increase the number of crafting materials you get. For example, if you wear accessories like the “Happy Lei” or “Fairy Lei” from the “Lei” series, you can get extra crafting materials every time you beat an enemy.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Crafting Materials Guide

Dungeon Currency in Exchange For Materials

To get special crafting items like Geodes and Crystals, you should explore the “Labyrinth” dungeons in Hawaii and Japan. These dungeons have unique money – Robo Disks in Hawaii and Survey Data in Japan – that you can’t find anywhere else. You can trade these items for lots of different crafting materials at the entrance of each Labyrinth.

Also, in some high-level dungeons like Tier 2 and Tier 3, you might find enemies that sometimes drop Crystals and Geodes when you beat them! Don’t forget, you can use the Julie’s Gearworks app on your phone to check what materials you need to make or upgrade weapons. This way, you’ll know exactly what to trade your Labyrinth money for.

Visit The Material Merchant

In both Hawaii and Yokohama, there’s a single seller who offers Fragments for sale. The prices are usually quite high, like around $80 or 8,000 yen for just one item. But if you’re in the late stages of the game and have lots of money to spend, these Fragments could come in handy. They also let you change lower-quality crafting materials, such as Fragments, into higher-quality Geodes and Crystals, but you’ll need to pay for that too.

For example, you can turn ten Fragments into one Geode and ten Geodes into one Crystal. In Hawaii, you can find the material seller, Nolan’s Boat, by going into the ocean from Aloha Beach and swimming until you see a raft about halfway down the beach.

In Japan, you’ll find the material seller, the General Goods Cart, in Hamakita Park, which is in the northern part of the city. By using these methods, you can create some of the best weapons in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth at any of the different Julie’s Gearworks locations.

Rare Crafting Material Locations

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, some really good weapons need special stuff to make them better. You can only find these special things in a few places, like:

  • You can buy Shark Fins at the Hawaii Haunt place.
  • You can buy Squid Tentacles and Empty Cough Drop Tins at the Yokohama Underground spot.

Sometimes, you might get lucky and find these items by trading in points you get from recycling stuff at the beach, playing Sicko Snap, or doing other extra stuff in the game.

That is all for this guide. Looking for more help with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Check out our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Best Weapons Guide, Ounabara Vocational School Answers Guide, Money Farming Guide, Jobs Guide, Photo Rally Locations, and if you are just starting the game, Beginner’s Guide.

This concludes our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Crafting Materials Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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