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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Best Weapons Guide

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has an awesome story and lots of fun little games to play. If you just want to play these games, you can spend hours without getting bored. The game can be a bit tricky, so you need to pay attention to tutorials and small things, but don’t worry! Our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Beginner’s Guide is here to help you. These helpful tips will guide you through Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth so you can enjoy and become great at everything it has!

Beginner’s Guide – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Below you will find some tips and trips that will help you play Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth whether you are just starting the game or have spent some hours into it already.

Position Your Characters Properly

In battles, you only get one chance to attack with each character, so it’s best to make it count. Just using the strongest attack might not be the best strategy. Players should learn to use positioning wisely. For example, if you position Kasuga in a way that his attack pushes the enemy toward Kiryu, Kiryu can then land a hit too, creating a good combo.

Check the Weakness of Enemies

At first, players can breeze through the story without worrying about small things like what enemies are weak against. But later, it’s crucial, especially when facing big groups. Some enemies are more vulnerable to electric attacks, while others get hurt when Kiryu grabs them. They all have different weaknesses, so be sure to check before you attack.

Upgrade Weapons Frequently

You can’t upgrade weapons in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth until you reach Chapter 4. Upgrading weapons makes them stronger, so you can win.

Learn Perfect Guard

In the game, players often face many enemies at once. So, it’s important to defend yourself from their attacks. While there’s a regular guard, players should aim to master the perfect guard. It not only reduces damage but also protects against status effects. Perfecting it is challenging but worthwhile.

Cook A lot

Cooking is really important in the game. Sometimes, your party members will have low HP, so you need to heal them with food to avoid getting knocked out. Cooking dishes with ingredients can help your party recover HP and MP. So, make sure to cook and save some dishes.

Sell Plates And Other Items In The Shop

While adventuring, players find items they can sell in certain places. Instead of keeping them, visit pawn shops to sell them. Use the money to upgrade weapons and buy helpful items.

Buy Gifts

In the game, friendships matter a lot. You’ll come across gifts in stores that you can give to your teammates. Buying these gifts is a good idea because they strengthen your bonds, which is good for the whole team.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Beginner's Guide

Lay The Smackdown On Enemies

When your party is much stronger than the enemies, a blue icon appears over their heads. You can use a ‘Smackdown’ move to defeat them without a fight by pressing a button. This works even for tough ‘Keepers of the City’ enemies. You still get rewards, so use Smackdowns whenever you can. It’s a great way to earn XP, Job XP, Bond Points, money, and crafting materials.

Smartphone Usage

Kasuga’s and Kiryu’s smartphones have helpful apps. You can use them to call a taxi for fast travel, bring in a Poundmate to help fight, check enemy info with the Sujidex, and keep track of Photo Rally pictures and progress. Although you can’t upgrade weapons with the Julie’s Gearworks app, you can see how much money and materials you need for upgrades. This saves you a trip to the actual Gearworks place.

Be Prepared Before Dungeons

Before entering a dungeon, a pop-up will tell you its level suggestion and difficulty with stars. You can’t go back to the city until you finish it. Prepare by getting healing items, but remember, there are no shops inside dungeons. Also, it’s smart to be a few levels higher than the dungeon suggestion for better chances of surviving tough battles.

ATMs Will Safeguard Your Money

ATMs are shown on the map with a dollar sign. They’re usually near pawn shops or in big malls. You can put any amount of money in an ATM and take it out later. It’s smart to use ATMs often instead of carrying all your cash with you. If you get beaten by an enemy, they’ll steal much of your money. So, keep your money safe by using ATMs regularly!

Unlock One Skill Inheritance Slot (at least) For Everyone

To unlock Skill Inheritance slots, you need to improve the Bond Level of each character with either Ichiban Kasuga or Kazuma Kiryu. These slots allow you to keep skills from the first job when changing to a new one. It’s very useful because it helps you keep strong skills and fill in gaps when changing jobs, like keeping some healing abilities when switching to a job focused on physical attacks. Also, having many different types of damage skills helps you exploit enemy weaknesses during battles.


You can quickly move around Hawaii or Japan by calling a taxi to various stops on the map. While it’s useful for saving time, remember to walk around and explore too. If you rely only on taxis, you might miss out on items, chests, enemies (especially bosses), Photo Rally spots, and Aloha Link connections (in Hawaii). Sightseeing is a good way to find items and do side activities. You can also enjoy a scenic trolley ride and play Sicko Snap!

Approach Shining Areas

As you go around the city, look out for shiny spots. They usually have good items. If you see a glowing circle by a tree, go to it and press Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to drop fruit. These are ingredients for cooking.

Now let’s take a minute and also focus on what sort of mistakes you should aim to avoid when you start off the game in our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Beginner’s Guide:

  • Skipping Side Quests

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, it’s crucial to tackle side quests, known as Substories, as soon as they become available. These quests offer simple tasks with great rewards, making them worthwhile for players.

  • Random Leveling Up Jobs

After some time, players will unlock the Job system in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth by participating in tours around Hawaii. The idea is that events during these tours will inspire Ichiban and other characters, leading to new Jobs being unlocked. For instance, seeing boys play-fighting with pretend swords on a trolley might inspire Ichiban to think of samurai, which unlocks the Samurai Job. Players should focus on each character’s exclusive Job, such as Ichiban’s Hero Job, until they reach level thirty. However, when new Jobs like samurai are unlocked, it’s good to level them up to at least ten to gain a variety of skills. These skills can then be used across different Jobs once unlocked, giving characters more abilities in combat. Getting to level ten doesn’t take too long, honestly.

  • Ignoring Enemy Levels

Players might miss some details about enemy levels at first. In the game, there are three levels marked by blue, red, and purple icons. Blue ones are weaker enemies that players can defeat quickly with a special move called Smackdown, similar to how weak enemies are dealt with in EarthBound games. Red icons mean enemies are about the same level as the player’s party, and purple icons mean enemies are stronger. Also, the map shows a shield rating indicating the general enemy levels in each area, displayed above the mini-map.

  • Spending Too Much Time In Yokohama

A good tip to start with is to spend as little time as possible in Yokohama. It’s the main place in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and not much has changed. There’s not a lot to do, but some players might want to explore for old times’ sake.

  • Not Turning Off Prompts

Before starting the game, players should check the settings. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth lacks some good options, such as difficulty levels and assist options, which many modern games have. However, there’s one useful option: turning off button prompts for special moves. In battles, most abilities prompt players to hit Square or Triangle on PlayStation controllers for a critical hit. Turning off this option can make battles smoother, along with features like auto-battle.

That is all for this guide. For more guides, make sure to check out our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Jobs Guide, Money Farming Guide, and Money Farming Guide.

So there were some tips and tricks to help you get started on your gaming journey with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. If you have any tips of your own that you would like to share feel free to add them to our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Beginner’s Guide.

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