LIAN LI Shows Off Prototypes and Products Soon to Be Launched

LIAN LI Products

At the recently held Computex 2023 event, LIAN LI, one of the leading manufacturers of chassis and PC accessories showed off some of the prototypes that the company has been working on, alongside the announcement of products that will soon be launched.

There will be four new cases that were displayed are:

  • 011D EVO XL
  • 011D EVO RGB
  • 011 Vision
  • SUP 01

Additionally on display is a vertical case with front-mounted GPU, 3 AIO CPU coolers, including GALAHAD II TRINITY series and a concept GALAHAD II with LCD screen; 2 new concept fans with the 2nd Gen.UNI FAN TL and TL LCD; and a new standing motorized desk with the DK-07F

The second generation of UNI FAN comes with new lighting and blade design. The TL version features cutting-edge lighting that allows light to illuminate the front and rear for continuous lighting, that’s to the wrapping around the mounting holes. The edge of the fan comes equipped with a larger infinity mirror, and LCP blades allowing the UNI FAN TL to be the first ARGB fan from LIAN LI that comes equipped with a sturdier blade material that allows 0.7mm gap between the blades and the frame of the fan.

LIAN LI Products

The fan’s FDB motor can achieve up to 0-2200 RPM, while 10 such fans can be connected per port on the controller. Additionally, and with the help of the L-Connect, you can separate your fans in four different control zones to run different lighting patterns and RPM speed profiles.

The other fan is the UNI FAN second-gen TL LCD which comes with a customizable LCD screen. This screen supports GIF files, MP4, images, and can also display system information using the L-Connect 3. The fan size is 120mm and comes equipped with liquid crystal polymer blades, fluid dynamic bearing motor supporting speeds of 300 to 1800RPM, and a 0.8mm blade to frame gap for maximum airflow performance.

In addition, each fan has an IC that allows them to be automatically recognized individually by the software, allowing you to control the speed of each fan within a cluster.

Lastly, there is a new motorized dsk called the DK-07F, which is based much like the original DK-05F. However, the top glass panel can be switched to transparent from opaque or vice versa with a touch of a button. Additionally, each side of the desk features aluminum panels instead of covering the whole top of the desk. 

LIAN LI Products

The desk is packed with innovative features like the push-to-release drawer, cooled cup holder, USB expansion hub, cable organizer, and more. Ample cooling support is provided with up to a 360/280 radiator or 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm fans at the left, up to 2 x 360/280 radiator or 6 x 120mm/ 5 x 140 mm fans at the front, and up to 280 radiator or 2x 120mm/140mm in the middle. The desk comes equipped with support for a single monitor arm.

Previously, LIAN LI released the UNI FAN SL INFINITY 140 and the UNI FAN SL120 V2 and SL140 V2. Last month, the company launched the performance focused UNI FAN 28 that features a 28mm thick frame, Liquid Crystal Polymer blades, Fluid Dynamic Bearing, and 3-speed modes

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