LIAN LI Has Launched SL120 V2 and SL140 V2 with Less Cables


LIAN LI has announced the launch of its newly improved UNI FAN SL120 V2 and SL140 V2 available in both black and white. They are improved versions of the original UNI FAN SL120 and SL140 and both of them now offer the ability to daisy chain up to two clusters to a single hub port. Featuring a 28mm thick frame, the SL120 V2 brings a 10% increase in airflow performance when compared to the original V1. Apart from this, a single power module cable is also available that sits flush with the fan frame as well as a removable interlocking key for improved compatibility with radiator fittings.

If you want to eliminate as many cables as you can from your gaming rig, LIAN LI has this new set of fans for you. The new UNI FAN SL V2 allows you to daisy chain up to 6 fans in 2 clusters to a single hub port. This is possible thanks to a new bridging cable included in the 3-pack. The new daisy-chaining solution reduces the number of cables that you need to power 2 clusters and you can use new lighting effects which can be continuous between the two bridged clusters.

Apart from this, the connection between the cluster and the controller is now a single slim cable that can combine PWM and ARGB signal power. This cable features a redesigned connector at the fan frame with a header that sits within the fan to create a seamless and flexible connection for the best aesthetic possible. With the thicker 28mm frame, the UNI FAN SL120 V2 is able to increase the airflow performance by 10%. The speeds range from 0, 250 to 2000 RPM and this allows it to reach 2.59mmH2O of static pressure and 64.5 CFM of airflow at low noise levels of 29.2 dBA max.

On the other hand, the UNI FAN SL140 V2 can reach speeds of 0. 250-1600 RPM with a static pressure of 2.09 mmH2) with an airflow of 77.6 CFM and noise levels of 29 dBA max. It also comes with a few improvements to the L-Connect 3. The SL V2 page now offers 4 new lighting effects and 5 new merge-lighting effects. On the settings page, you will find the ability to configure the merged clusters. Here, you can also choose the number of fans bridged together, rename the clusters, and re-arrange the order for the new merging light effects to look continuous in the computer case. On the Fan/Pump Profile page, you will also find a modified fan curve diagram which can set values in real-time RPM speed instead of just percentage for more precise control over all of your installed fans.

The UNI FAN SL V2 also comes with some updates to the L-Connect 3 software including new merging lighting effects and the ability to control fan speed profiles with real-time RPM values. You can get the new UNI FAN SL120 V2 and SL140V2 in single packs and if you want a pack of three, you can go for UNI FAN SL120 V2 which also comes with a controller. Both white and black Single Packs of 120 will cost you $26.99 each, a 120 Triple Pack will cost you $89.99 and a single pack of 140 will cost you $29.99. Apart from colors and different sizes, the remaining specifications of both models are the same with little differences in terms of sound. Both models are now available from NEWEGG, Caseking, Overclockers UK, and additional retailers. For additional details, you can check out the official LIAN LI website.

Previously, LIAN LI launched Lancool III PC Casing, UNI FAN SL Infinity 120, and Strimer Plus V2 ARGB extension cables.

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What are your thoughts on the new LIAN LI UNI FAN SL120 V2 and SL140 V2? Would you be willing to add them to your gaming rig? Let us know in the comments section below.

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