JCB Pioneer: Mars is coming to Nintendo Switch Later This Month

JCB Pioneer: Mars

Atomicom has announced that they are bringing their survival sandbox game JCB Pioneer: Mars to Nintendo Switch later this month. JCB Pioneer: Mars is a futuristic survival game where you will need to survive on a harsh Mars setting by building different useful objects and structures.

Check out the Nintendo Switch trailer below.

In JCB Pioneer: Mars players will have a variety of different vehicles at their disposal ranging from cranes, loaders to off road buggies and they will use them to perform different survival activities such as mining, construction, digging and exploring the planet for survival. They will be able to build massive structures in the game by finding different types of resources all spread across the plant.

Players will be able to use big cranes to mine for valuable resources, explore deep and dark caves with buggies and then transport the materials to the construction site suing large loaders and dump trucks. Nearly all the vehicles in the game have been built by JCB Engineers. You will need all of these and a will to survive the harsh terrain and extreme atmosphere of the planet. You can play with other players as the game supports online.

The game will throw many different types of challenges your way ranging from meteor strikes, dust clouds and electric storms and it will be up to the player to use the limited resources available to him to survive for as long as possible. The developer calls the game a ‘hardcore blend of survival and construction.’

Players can also research new technologies to make survival easy. But obviously they will need resources and the right set of tools for doing researches in the game. Along with that, players will also need to take care of other important things such as base power, their own personal health, food and water intake along with different other things as well. This leads to an overall challenging scenario and only the best will survive.

JCB Pioneer: Mars is slated for release on Nintendo Switch on December 24, 2018 in Europe and Australia with the North American release trailing behind with a date of January 3, 2019.

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