Intel Teases its Own Graphics Card For 2020


Intel has recently created Intel Graphics Twitter account and posted a teaser which suggests the company is making a GPU by 2020. The teaser trailer is created with dramatic lights, smoke in the air and a tall graphics card in the dark.

The teaser trailer comes days before August 20, 2018, where we expect Nvidia to showcase more on Nvidia RTX 2080. Nvidia showcased Turing architecture at SIGGRAPH, which will revolutionize the next generation of graphics cards. Nvidia is gearing up for a launch event. Our good guess is Gamescom event on August, 20, 2018.

Intel has left teaser trailer without any details on graphics card. At this point we do not know if the graphics card will be focused for video games or professional software work. The last time the company launched graphics card was back 20 years, in 1998. The company’s i740 graphics card became a commercial flop and Intel left graphics card making business.

The teaser trailer highlights some of the achievements Intel has made in last 20 years. ‘’We brought the world its first fully compliant DX12 graphics processor’’ and ‘’we were the first PC graphics to play Netflix Movies in 4K’’ are the few achievements highlighted in video.

Nvidia with their top-tier GTX 1080 and GTX 1080Ti and AMD with RX 560 and RX 580 have already dominated the market. The number of core count in each graphics card of Nvidia and AMD is comparatively very high than a Intel Chipset, eg; HD Graphics 610 with 96 cores or Iris Plus Graphics with 384 cores.

Intel is aware about the market competition, a relentless tug of war between two GPU giants Nvidia and AMD. The 2020 year mark may be the right time for Intel to come up with a graphics card that may offer a convenient graphics solution for video games or professional market.

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