Here is Everything We Know About Nvidia RTX 2080

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Nvidia in a recent press conference at SIGGRAPH event has showcased Nvidia RTX 2080 to be the next GPU. Nvidia also showcases a teaser trailer revealing its next GPU architecture code named ‘Turing’.  However, we are not sure about the cost of RTX 2080, launch date and how much far better it will perform than Pascal based GPUs.

Nevertheless, here is everything we know so far on Nvidia RTX 2080.

The brand new ‘Turing’ Architecture

The brand new graphics card lineup will be based on new ‘Turing’ architecture. Nvidia has reinvented its architecture after the last successful Pascal architecutre, back in 2016. We have come to know that Samsung will be partenring up with Nvidia for its 16GB GDDR6 memory design to be used for upcoming Nvidia GPU. The Turing architecture will take advantage of revolutionzed GDDR6 memory from Samsung. There will be two chip designs for Quadro RTX, one will have 24GB or 48GB with 384-bit interference, while the other one will have 256-bit interefernce with 16GB GDDR6. Check out here to know more on Quadro RTX.

Nvidia RTX 2080

Nvidia RTX 2080

The Turing architecture is praised for overall twenty five percentage of performance over Pascal architecture. The Quadro RTX chipset with 256-bit and 384-bit interference will have 448GB/s and 672GB/s precisely. This is a massive jump in bandwidth from the current generation GTX 1080 and GTX 1080Ti.

The cost of Nvidia RTX 2080

Nvidia has jumped from its old architecture after over a decade. Since the RTX 2080 is expected to outperform GTX 1080 and GTX 1080Ti, I will put RTX 2080 price in $1400 to $1800 bracket. However, we may see few variants in RTX 2080 lineup, maybe a RTX 2080Ti or RTX 2080 with 16GB and 24GB version. Nvidia RTX 2080 16B could go as low as $1200.

Launch Date of Nvidia RTX 2080

After SIGGRAPH event, Nvidia has highlighted all the major information on RTX 2080 and Quadro RTX. Also, Nvidia has announced a celebration event on Gamescom even this August 20, 2018. We expect that Nvidia will clear out other details they missed on at SIGGRAPH event.

Let us know your thoughts in comment section about what you think about Nvidia RTX 2080.

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