Third-Person Shooter Hero Syndrome Enters Kickstarter, Release Planned for This Year

Hero Syndrome Kickstarter

Big Rook Games has announced that their latest third-person shooter Hero Syndrome has started its crowdfunding journey on Kickstarter. Hero Syndrome is a dynamic mix of shooting and building mechanics which makes it a unique tactical experience.

Hero Syndrome will cater to the players who are always looking for a competitive edge. It packs fine-tuned arena-style multiplayer with a heavy emphasis on strategy and skill over luck. It also comes with a single-player campaign which includes a story written by the writer behind Star Wars 1313, The Walking Dead, and Dying Light. It will include shooting as well as puzzle-solving mechanics.

Check out the Kickstarter Launch trailer for Hero Syndrome below:

Key features of Hero Syndrome include:

  • Single-Player Singularity – An intense solo campaign with a hard sci-fi story penned by Evan Skolnick (Star Wars 1313, Days Gone, Mafia 3), voiced by a professional cast of actors.
  • Build Smart, Build Fast – No more boxing yourself in. Build quickly, aggressively, and edit your fortifications in real-time using an intuitive and fast interface. Hero Syndrome is construction combat evolved.
  • Built For Balance – Hero Syndrome has been designed from the ground up for esports and competitive gaming. This is the construction shooter we want to play.
  • Intense & Balanced Competition – Cutting-edge construction meets classic team deathmatch. No random loot, unpredictable spawns or farming for resources, just two teams putting their skill and knowledge of the map to the test.
  • Rocket Jumping – Still the best way to get around since 1996. Master the rocket launcher and use it to blast yourself to new heights.
  • Bots That Can Build – We taught bots how to build. Probably dangerous, but a great way to practice your combat construction skills before taking the fight online.

If you want to see Hero Syndrome become a reality, you can head over to the Kickstarter page right now and support the developers by choosing a tier which suits you the best. The game is slated for a release in Q4 2020 however a multiplayer Closed Beta is planned to take place in 4-5 months with an Open Beta in 6 months.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you would like to play Hero Syndrome or not.

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