Hellgate: London is Returning to Steam Next Month

Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London is returning to Steam with the help of developer T3 Entertainment and publisher HanbitSoft Inc. The game was first launched back in 2007 but died down in a couple of years because of struggling to make money. The game returns on Steam on 15 November, 2018.

Originally developed by Flagship Studios, Hellgate: London was bought by a Korean company HanbitSoft Inc, which released a free to play game in 2011, followed by a mobile spin-off appearing a couple of years later.

Hellgate: London is a dark fantasy action RPG set in 2038, where London has been invaded by demons from hell. Your role as a member of the resistance is to drive back these evil forces.
The Hellgate: London is an action role-playing legend game you have been waiting for. Hellgate: London presents a near future that the devils and minions were brought to the Earth before the whole world falls into fears. As a survivor, you must rescue humanity from army of darkness using battle skills and magic.

The game offers endless replayability to its users through different modes, levels, random generated monsters and huge collection of weapons and items. You can enjoy playing game in either third-person or first-person perspective.

Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London – KEY FEATURES


The Hellgate introduces six classes of characters to choose from. Each character has its philosophy, training and combat skills. The class you choose is an important factor that determines a game play. In addition to the class, you can choose various visual physical attributes like sex, height, size, hair and skin color etc.

Hellgate: London

Character customization system allows you to create your own unique character and raise its level and skills through quest performance and battle against the devil.

Random generation system

Hellgate: London provides infinite repeat playability by creating randomly generated dungeons, items and quests. Random maps allow you to have unique and personalized play to enjoy different experiences each time you play. Every space the player steps into is a randomly generated map, where quests and items are always generated randomly.

Unique items

One of the important features of Hellgate’s game play is its collectable rare item system.
Hellgate offers a variety of items such as Random, Rare, Unique, Named and Quest items to ensure you enjoying the game.

Furthermore, through various item-related systems you can create an infinite number of items and get support in the development of your character with a higher level of items and characters.

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