Helldivers 2 Combat Guide – Tips and Tricks to Surviving the Onslaught

Helldivers 2 Combat Guide

Combat is the core of gameplay in Helldivers 2, and it is not a forgiving game. To survive in the game, you will need to understand each and every gameplay mechanic properly and use them to their full efficiency. When you try the tougher levels, you’ll have to change your equipment, adapt to better strategies, and shoot everything that moves. This Helldivers Combat Guide will give you tips and tricks to mastering the art of combat in Helldivers 2.

Combat Guide – Helldivers 2

Check the some advanced tips and tricks to annihilate the threats in Helldivers 2 below:

Proceed With Caution

When you’re on a mission, it’s important not to rush in without thinking. First, look at what’s ahead carefully. Sometimes, you’ll find only a few enemies, and you can defeat them easily. You can talk with your team about which plans to use. If you can’t talk, watch what your team does to decide when to use the plans. It’s not good if everyone uses their plans at the same time for just a few enemies.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

You can go up really high in Helldivers 2, which can help you control crowds better in certain situations. When you’re doing tough missions on Hard mode or harder, you’ll often face lots of enemies at once. This happens a lot when you’re going into hives and nests, especially in missions where you have to smash Terminid eggs.

Finding high spots or places with things in the way to slow down enemies can be really useful. But remember, some enemies can climb, so don’t think you’re totally safe up there. Still, you’ll probably only have to deal with a few enemies at a time as they try to get to you instead of a whole bunch.

From these high spots, you can use clever plans or aim your weapons to take out enemies easily. With the right plans, you might finish tasks without needing to move at all. Against Automatons, stay high up and out of their sight, and for Terminids, aim to be above them to defeat them easily. But be cautious when coming down, as falling can hurt you. Make sure you have enough healing items to recover from any injuries.

Tip: If you get defeated, you can control where your Hellpod lands next time. Use this strategy when you’re facing too many Terminids at once.

Stamina Is Key

In the game, you can’t keep running all the time because your character will slow down if you do. This makes it harder to escape from even the smallest enemies. To help with this, you can buy Boosters, like the Stamina Enhancement Booster, which helps your whole team. But it’s still important to learn how to save your energy.

The game Helldivers 2 can be very chaotic, but you don’t have to constantly run around crazily. Whenever possible, it’s better to move with purpose when getting into fights. As we mentioned earlier, using the terrain to your advantage is important, especially in difficult situations. This means finding high places to stand or good spots to defend from. Doing this saves your stamina and energy because you won’t have to run as much when you’re already in a good position.

Remember to think about your armor too. Big armor helps stop big enemies from hurting you, but it makes you slower and affects how fast your energy comes back. If you’re doing a mission by yourself, it’s better to not wear big armor. And if you’re in a group, it’s not good if everyone wears big armor. It’s okay if one person wears big armor, and you can plan with them to take hits for the group while others in lighter armor focus on beating the enemies.

Helldivers 2 Combat Guide


You really want to rely on your special abilities (Stratagems) to do most of the heavy lifting in tougher situations. But, you also need to think about how long it takes for them to be ready to use again. This goes not only for your own abilities but also for your teammates’. Some of these special weapons, like support weapons, have a long cooldown time of 480 seconds. So, even though they give you big advantages like more damage or the ability to shoot from far away, you’ll have to wait a long time before you can use them again.

To avoid running into problems with this long wait time, it’s not a good idea for everyone to use their special weapons all at once. Some of these weapons drop two copies, so you and a teammate can use them together. Others come with special backpacks that let a teammate reload them for you. It’s important to work together in these situations so you’re not all stuck waiting for your abilities to become available again.

You should think about the Resupply Stratagem that everyone can use together. After someone uses it, everyone has to wait before they can use it again. Pay attention if your teammates need more ammo or Stims. Only ask for a resupply when it’s really needed. Before asking for a resupply, try to look for places where you can find more supplies.

Vary Your Strategies

Continuing from before, the cooldowns should also push you to try different Stratagems. It might seem obvious, but it’s tempting to pick many Eagle options. But you should only have one Eagle Hangar Stratagem at a time since the Eagle deploys all of them. For instance, if you have both an Eagle Cluster Bomb and an Eagle Napalm Airstrike equipped, using one will put both on cooldown.

We suggest mixing up your tactics so you can bring in extra help, like a Grenade Launcher or Autocannon. You can also use different strategies to bring in airstrikes, barrages, or wide area attacks such as an Orbital or Eagle Attack. You might also want to use automated guns like a Gatling or Mortar, or something that shields you, like a ‘Guard Dog’ or Shield Strategy.

Enemy Types

Some missions give clear information about who you will be fighting, while others are more general and mention facing Automatons and Terminids. When you’re choosing your gear like Stratagems, Weapons, and Boosters, it’s important to consider the types of enemies you’ll be up against.

For example, if you’re going to fight a Bile Titan, you’ll need powerful weapons, explosives, and Stratagems that are good against tanks. But if you’re dealing with a big group of Automatons, you should focus on defensive weapons and Stratagems that can help you withstand their barrage of bullets.

Be Prepared

When you’re getting ready to start something like a launch or a rescue, you can be sure that enemies will be coming at you. After you finish and are trying to leave, you’ll have to protect yourself for a few minutes. This happens a lot when you’re doing small tasks like sending data or stopping messages. Before you start doing the main task, make sure the area is safe. Put down guns to watch the ways enemies might come from, ask for extra weapons, and make sure your team has what they need. Also, get a powerful weapon ready before you start doing the main thing.

Weather Check

Sure thing! When you’re exploring a planet, check out the Effects tab to see how the environment might affect your mission. Sometimes, you’ll find that a planet is getting hotter, which can make your weapons overheat faster, or it might affect how quickly you can use special abilities. We’ve even encountered situations where special abilities took twice as long to cool down, which can really slow things down when you’re trying to spread Managed Democracy.

Time Your Grenades

In the game, grenades take a bit of time to explode after you throw them. This time is not the same for all grenades, so it’s important to know how long each one takes. To use grenades well, you need to learn this timing.

To make the most of your grenades, hold down the throw button a little longer. If you do it right, you can make the grenades explode right in front of your enemies. This doesn’t give them any time to run away or shield themselves. But be cautious, because if you hold the grenade for too long, you might accidentally hurt yourself or your teammates.

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This concludes our Helldivers 2 Combat Guide. If you have any helpful tips to share please drop them in the comments below!

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