Helldivers 2 Automaton Tanks Guide – How to Beat, Tips and Tricks

Helldivers 2 Automaton Tanks Guide

On Super Earth, people become Helldivers, fighting against bugs and robots to protect democracy. If you’re having a hard time defeating the Automaton tanks in Helldivers 2, our Helldivers 2 Automaton Tanks Guide can offer some useful tips to help you out and help you change the course of the game.

How To Beat The Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2

When facing challenges in democracy, it’s best to work together with others to make things easier. When the opponent is busy, it’s simpler to find a good spot to use their weaknesses. But remember, there are key plans to remember when fighting the Automaton tanks.

There are two types of tough enemies you might face: the Shredder and the Annihilator. They’re both really strong and you should be careful when you meet them in the wild. They’re super protected, so your usual weapons might not hurt them much.

Instead, players should bring important weapons and abilities when facing Automaton tanks. Useful tools include the Autocannon and Expendable Anti-Tank for attacking the weak spots of tanks like the Shredder. The SG-225 Breaker shotgun is a good choice to pick at the beginning because it can go through light armor. The Autocannon and Railguns are also good choices for Support Weapons because they can pierce armor and shoot quickly, especially against Scout Striders and Devastators. For abilities, think about using Orbital Strikes or Eagle Strikes to deal continuous damage to a single target. Dropping Rocket Sentries or Autocannon Sentries can also weaken the tanks more.

Position Is Key

The smaller bots are easy to defeat with gunfire, but the bigger ones are tougher. However, they all have a weak spot at the back. For example, the Scout Striders have an exposed pilot, and the Hulk has a big red vent. It’s quicker and safer to attack them from behind.

This is where positioning is important. The bots won’t just let you attack them from behind easily. By spreading out your squad, you make it harder for the enemy to defend itself. The one drawing attention should use cover and dodge to stay safe. If everything goes well, the biggest threat will be gone quickly, and then everyone can focus on defeating the remaining enemies.


While it might be tempting to use defensive strategies like the Shield Generator Relay, it’s better to focus on quick tactics while you move and shoot. The Eagle Strikes are great for this, especially the Airstrikes. They can take out groups of enemies, shut down Fabricators, and deal heavy damage to tough units. Rocket Pods aim for the biggest enemy around, so you can hit hard targets while finding cover. If things get really bad, the 500-kilogram bomb can clear out a large area fast and can be used multiple times in a mission. This is useful for taking out a bunch of Fabricators without getting stuck in a long fight.

Helldivers 2 Automaton Tanks Guide

The Orbital Railcannon is also good for instantly getting rid of strong enemies. Try to have someone in your team equipped with the Orbital Laser. It’s like a hammer-of-dawn beam that sweeps the battlefield. But remember, it takes a while to recharge, and each Helldiver can only use it three times. Still, it’s perfect for tough situations and cover while waiting for an Extraction Shuttle.

Go Easy With The Turrets

Placing a Sentry Turret to fight enemies while you hide or do tasks sounds good, but you must choose wisely. Different turrets have different behaviors. The Machine Gun and Gatling Gun turrets attack wherever there are enemies. If enemies appear behind you, these turrets will shoot them, even if you’re in their way. So, be cautious of where you put them to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Sentries are still useful to have. The Mortar Sentry shoots bombs up high, so if you’re not surrounded by enemies, you won’t get hit. Turrets like the Rocket or Autocannon Sentries shoot slower, so if you place them at the front during a fight, they’re less likely to hit your team.

All these ways can hopefully help solve your tank issue, but remember, you’ll probably need a way to divert attention or find time to get ready for the fight. If you need more help with Helldivers 2, check out additional guides below:

This concludes our Helldivers 2 Automaton Tanks Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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