Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada Promoted as General Producer of Bandai Namco

Harada Bandai Namco

Katsuhiro Harada who has been the producer of Tekken for over 25 years has revealed that he has been promoted as the new general producer of Bandai Namco’s major IP’s. This means that he is the producer titles like Dark Souls, Ace Combat, Soul Calibur and more.

On the other hand, and as a direct result of Katsuhiro Harada’s promotion, Michael Murray has announced that he has been appointed as the producer of Tekken. The announcement was made by Murray on his Twitter. His new position gives him the responsibility to work on everything related to Tekken.

Both men tweeted about their promotions, where Harada mentioned his new responsibilities,

I’m the general manager of develop & produce of Bandai Namco original titles from this term (ex: TEKKEN, Ace Combat, Tales of, Dark Soul, Soul Calibur, etc..). I’ll also continue with eSports’ strategy leader.

Sometimes I might Tweet something unrelated to TEKKEN, but forgive me.

Meanwhile Murray announced his promotion on Twitter stating his promotion as the main producer of Tekken,

Woke up this morning and reached 10,000 followers! Also, officially from April I am the main producer on the Tekken franchise (including Japan, merchandising, everything related to the IP) so I look forward to further interactions with you all 🙂

Both Harada and Murray are veterans and it is great to see the recognition that Bandai Namco is giving them to advance in their respective careers. Hara’s workload will surely be massive as someone like him who is experience and well suited for the task.

Recently Harada has spoken out about Tekken X Street Fighter. While he is “emotionally up for it,” “things have changed a lot since 2012,” with Harada suggesting that he would need further approval from Capcom were he to move the project forward.

What do you think of Katsuhiro Harada being promoted to general producer of major Bandai Namco IP’s? Post your comments below.

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