Halo: Master Chief Collection Will Have a New Progression System

Halo: Master Chief Collection

343 Industries has revealed some details for the upcoming PC port of Halo: Master Chief Collection and how it will play like. It will now have a new progression system inspired by Halo: Reach, an overhauled UI, lots of control options, while the core gameplay will be left alone as it is.

One of the new features is a progression system which will be straightforward. This new system will allow players to track their progress and unlock rewards. The team will have more plans for progression too, but details have not been shared.

The input system and UI were the major focus of the developers. Tyler Davis, community coordinator for 343 Industries wrote,

Our philosophy is that a straight port from console to PC just doesn’t cut it. MCC needs to be authentic to Halo and the PC platform. The team has greater ambitions and we know PC gamers demand and expect, more than that.

Players can now expect remappable controls, touched up menus and text chat, very minimal input delay, and other platform-specific features. Senior producer George Wright has also added a few words where he reveals that integrating these features was no easy task for the team.

Even though the games are older, there’s still a lot there: eight game releases, and over 7 terabytes of data. There are multiple game engines, even non-Halo specific engines, with their own differing programming styles, and contributions have been made by various dev teams over the years. This means that there’s a lot of complex content to analyze before we could properly get started.

The blog post is quite a detailed developer update, though it still lacks a release date for Halo: Master Chief Collection. What do you think of the new features being brought in? Are you looking forward to the new progression system? Post your comments below.

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