Incuvo Gives Us a First Look at Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR

Developer and publisher Incuvo has released the latest trailer for Green Hell VR which gives us a first look at the game running on the new PS VR2 headset. Released at the PlayStation State of Play February 2023, the new trailer shares new details about the upcoming VR version of the game including showcasing gameplay for the very first time. Green Hell VR is currently available on Oculus Rift and PC via Steam however the game is now making its way to PS VR2 as well and the new trailer is here to show us the game running on it.

The PS VR2 version of Green Hell VR will bring the game to a brand-new audience without making any sacrifices of any sort. Using the new Sense controllers, Green Hell VR will make you feel every single impactful action in the game while haptic feedback further increases the overall immersion level. Different in-game actions will feel more impactful with the Sense controller such as pulling a bowstring, blocking incoming attacks, bug bites, or attacking enemies with melee weapons.

Apart from the controllers, the headset itself provides feedback as well and when this is combined with the controller feedback, you can experience a game that is rich with immersion to another level. Thanks to the headset’s 3D audio, the sound will play another crucial factor in increasing the player’s engagement in the game because it will make you feel like you are actually standing inside a rainforest. You will hear everything around you including insects, rain, or even the jaguar that is currently stalking you from the shadows.

Green Hell VR

Continuing with immersion, the PS VR2 also offers superior visuals thanks to the native PS VR2 resolution, high-res textures, and realistic shadows. All of this combines together to deliver one of the best ways to experience Green Hell. Green Hell was originally released by Creepy Jar and was later released on consoles PS4 and Xbox One. The VR version of the game is being developed by Incuvo.

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