Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fast Travel Guide – How to Fast Travel, Limitations

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fast Travel Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth features a huge world and moving around could take some time if you are always using the traditional means. There are different regions in the game as well which means that you cannot simply walk between them. To cater to this, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth features an effective fast travel system. In this Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fast Travel Guide, we will tell you how you can use this handy mechanic in the game to its fullest

How To Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, getting around quickly is similar to other open-world games you might have played before. You pick places on the map and press a button to see your travel options. If you can fast travel to that place, you choose it. Otherwise, you can decide to walk or ride a Chocobo when you arrive. It’s mostly your own choice, but Chocobo is usually the smarter pick. When you ride a Chocobo, you can still start fights with First Strike. Plus, it’s best to use your Chocobo to travel everywhere in the open areas because it’s faster. Also, you won’t miss any places to dig. Walking is only better if you’re sure you’ll need to do something specific on foot.

Limitations And Tips

Fast travel has some limits you should know about. Even though the PlayStation 5 makes loading times really short, you can only use fast travel at certain times and places. Most cities and towns don’t have fast travel, and you can only ride your Chocobo in certain areas. When you start in the Grasslands after leaving Kalm, Chadley, the cyborg, asks you to research different places around the world. These research tasks not only give you experience and rewards but also unlock fast travel points. But you can only use them if you’ve unlocked the Chocobo for that area. Before that, you can only use certain spots marked with a hexagon on the map for fast travel.

While you’re out exploring, if a baby Chocobo bothers you, follow it to find a broken Chocobo Stop that looks like a bus stop. There’s always a signpost on the ground to the left. Lift it to fix the stop, and you’ll get a Golden Plume to buy Chocobo Cosmetics. Plus, you can now fast travel from this stop.

Tip: You can also use a Cushion to heal your party’s HP and MP, like Tents in the original FF7. But it’s better to save your Cushions for Rest Spots instead of using them at Chocobo Stops. For example, in the Grasslands region, whenever you find a new Chocobo Stop, fix it, fast travel to the Chocobo Farm, rest on the free bench, and then fast travel back to the same Rest Spot. The PS5 is quick enough to make this worth it.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fast Travel Guide

Fast Travelling Different Regions

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the story mostly follows what happened in the original FF7 game. After leaving Midgar, the group meets up in Kalm for a flashback, then travels to Junon, takes a boat to Costa del Sol, and goes to Corel before finally reaching the Gold Saucer. However, in Rebirth, the game is split into different areas that you can explore freely, starting with the Grasslands near Kalm. There are parts of the game where the story is more focused and you can’t explore as freely, like when you’re in linear sections. For example, when you enter the Mythril Mine, you can’t use fast travel anymore.

When you get to Junon, follow the main story to get to the local Chocobo. But there’s also a side mission to unlock fast travel between Grasslands and Junon using a Chocobo Carriage. As you go on, you’ll find other ways to travel between regions, but they work differently from the usual map-based fast travel. You can go back to old places, but you need to finish some tasks in the next area first.

Methods Of Fast Travel

As you continue in the game, you’ll unlock new ways to move around more quickly. After Kalm, Costa del Sol is the next big town you’ll visit, aside from Junon, which is quite large. In Costa del Sol, you can use Wheelies to zip around quickly within the town. Additionally, there’s a side task you can do to travel fast between certain spots in the town. Make sure to do all the side quests you can find, and you’ll discover even more ways to get around easily.

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This concludes our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fast Travel Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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