Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Gameplay

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Beginner's Guide

FF7 Rebirth teaches you about its different systems well, but it gives you a lot of information all at once, which can be overwhelming. There’s a bunch to learn, like Synergy Skills, Synergy Abilities, Materia, Folios, and more. This Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Beginner’s Guide will highlight the tips and tricks that you can use to boost your gameplay in various aspects of the game.

Beginner’s Guide – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Below you will find our guide filled with helpful strategies, tips, and tricks on how you can get better in different aspects of the game. Read on!

Synergy Skill

In FF7 Rebirth’s combat, you can fight like in Remake by using regular attacks to fill up your ATB bar. Then you can use it for abilities, items, or magic. But Rebirth adds something new with the Synergy system. When you use a Synergy Skill or Synergy Ability for the first time, Cloud’s relationship with each character he teams up with gets better.

Pressing R1 for guard brings up a menu of free actions called Synergy Skills. These are quick moves where characters team up, each with different effects. The options change based on which characters are in your active party. They’re really useful, letting melee characters lift enemies into the air, move vulnerable allies to safety, defend against attacks, reflect enemy strikes, and unleash strong attacks without using up resources. Offensive skills are on R1+Square and R1+Triangle, while defensive ones are on R1+X and R1+Circle.

Some Synergy Skills in the game need time to charge up, you don’t have to keep pressing the button. Just press the button once while you’re defending, and then continue defending until you’re ready to use the move. These Synergy Skills also fill up both characters’ action bars, so you don’t have to switch characters and attack to be able to use special moves, spells, or items. It’s a good idea to practice using these moves early in the game. When you use a regular attack, it adds a bit to your special move gauge. Once both characters have enough, they can do a powerful combined attack with extra bonuses, like in those big finishing moves you see in other games.

Aerial Combat Simplified

In FF7 Remake, fighting in the air was a bit messy. Only Barret and Aerith could do it well, so Cloud and Tifa felt less useful. But in Rebirth, there are many ways for close-combat fighters to attack flying enemies. One way is using Synergy Skills, like Aerith’s Heavenly Ascent move.

With Cloud, if you attack right after dodging, you shoot out projectiles. And if you hold down the attack button, you’ll jump up to hit enemies in the air. Try different moves in the combat simulator to see what works best for you. Also, remember that some characters, like Red XIII, aren’t great at fighting airborne enemies.

Ability Symbols

The little symbols in black boxes at the bottom of the screen, when you choose them in a fight, show you what each ability can do. Some abilities help build up Synergy Skills, some make you jump high, and others can be used while you’re already in the air. Since they’re pretty tiny on the screen, you might have to pay close attention to notice them, or you can always check the game manual to remind yourself which ability does what.

Switching Party Members

You can easily switch your team members during gameplay by using the command menu and pressing R1 and L1 to switch between your three preset team setups. This helps replace a team member who’s low on health or magic power with a new one, instead of using up items or magic to heal them. If you do need to use items, hold L1 while selecting them to activate Multiuse, so you can keep the menu open and select multiple options without it closing after each use.

Chocobos At Your Service

Besides fighting, Chocobos can do nearly all the same things as you can when you’re walking. They can open chests, gather resources, move around the area, and fix Chocobo Stops (those blue benches that look like bust tops). Plus, collecting resources is faster when riding a Chocobo because you can pick up all the items together on the ground with just one press of the triangle button. A huge plus is when you initiate a battle while riding, Cloud performs an impressive flip. That alone is a good enough reason to remain mounted!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Beginner's Guide

Protorelic Requests

One great way to discover the different parts of the open world is by doing the Protorelic Quest. These quests have many parts and will take you to different places nearby. By making this your main mission, you’ll get to see most of what the area has to offer as you move around.

Moogle Medals

Moogle Medals are back in Rebirth, and they’re super important, especially for growing your character Folios. You can use them at Mogstools, where the Moogles live in mushroom houses. Each area has one, and you need to play the Moogle Mischief game to unlock them and get more stuff. You can keep playing Moogle Mischief to get more Medals. You can also find them in special crates around the world, especially near Remnawave Towers. Even if the switch to turn on the tower is at the bottom, it’s worth climbing up to grab all the medals you can.

Be Vigilant When Grabbing Resources

When you collect things from the ground, keep an eye on the notifications on the right side of your screen. Sometimes, you might have too many of something (like 99 of an item) and can’t pick up more. But the marker showing where it is won’t stay, so you’ll miss out on it. If you see this notification, go to the Item Transmutation menu and use that resource to make something. This way, you’ll be able to pick up more in the future.

Item Transmutation

Item Transmutation is a useful way to keep your healing items ready and make armor and accessories. Sometimes, you’ll need to craft a special item for side quests. To level up, you need to create something new, even if you don’t plan to use it. So, try making one of each item to unlock better options for the future. Keep an eye on your to-do list; it will let you know when you have enough materials to transmute an item. You can also combine extra Iron Ore and Planet’s Blessings to make accessories that sell for more money. If you’re missing a material, check the materials list by pressing the touchpad. Assessing enemies will tell you what they drop and what you can steal.

To get new transmutation chips, look for Excavation Intel tasks in each region. If you don’t have Excavation Intel yet, focus on Lifespring Intel tasks until Chadley unlocks it.

Complete Your Side Quests

The results of different side tasks can be different. If you don’t make the best choices or gather all the resources available, you might get fewer rewards. To see if you finished a side task correctly, look for a gold star next to it on the quest list. If it’s not there, you’ll see a gray check mark instead.

10 Save Slots Only

To use synergy skills, you don’t have to keep pressing the button all the time. Just tap the button when you want to start the move, and then keep holding the guard button until you’re ready to use it. These skills also fill up both characters’ meters at the same time. So, you don’t have to switch characters and attacks to use abilities, spells, or items. It’s a good idea to practice using them early on because they’re very helpful.

Timer Stops In Idle Mode

If you leave your PS5 while on the pause menu, the game clock stops after three minutes of inactivity. It only starts again when you do something. This won’t affect your total playtime, so no need to worry. Just touching the menu, like changing loadouts or Materia combinations, will make the clock start again.

That is all for this guide. If you need more help with the game, check out more Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides below:

This concludes our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Beginner’s Guide. If you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share then feel free to use the comment section below!

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