Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide – All Choices, Activities

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth reintroduces the original’s romantic element with an updated feature called Bonds of Friendship. You can now develop relationships, including with the gentle and playful Aerith Gainsborough. This Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide will show you exactly how you can do that!

Aerith Romance Guide – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

There are different requirements for you to complete throughout the journey of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth if you want to unlock that special date with Aerith and pursue a romantic path with her. You will find all of them below so make sure that you follow it properly.

Conversations And Dialogue Options For Aerith Romance

These conversations and dialogue options appear during the main campaign of the game so be careful and choose the correct answers when they appear.

Chapter 2 – A New Journey Begins

  • Location: You can find her outside the Magnahta Bookstore
  • Dialogue: “Wanna climb the clock tower together?”
  1. Best Choice (3 stars): ‘Sure.Let’s’
  2. Good Choice (2 stars): ‘…If I have to.’
  3. Worst Choice (1 star): ‘I’m busy.’

Chapter 4 – Dawn of a New Era

  • Location:  inside her room, at the Inn.
  • Dialogue: “Do you remember the first time we met?”
  1. Best Choice (3 stars): ‘You shoved a flower at my face’
  2. Good Choice (2 stars): ‘The church, right?
  3. Worst Choice (1 star): ‘Nope’

Chapter 6 – A New Journey Begins

  • Location: she is standing at the shore, overlooking the sea
  • Dialogue: “I start thinking things so dark and ugly it scares me”
  1. Best Choice (3 stars): ‘They’re just thoughts.’
  2. Good Choice (2 stars): ‘Everybody’s got someone to hate.’
  3. Worst Choice (1 star): ‘Then don’t think.’

Chapter 9 – The Planet Stirs

  • Location: Outside Zack’s parent’s house. (She is available to talk after a scene with Zack’s parents); Main Scenario: Aerith’s Acquaintances
  • Dialogue: “Pretty selfish, huh? Waltzing in there, stirring up memories…”
  1. Best Choice (3 stars): ‘They didn’t seem to mind.’
  2. Good Choice (2 stars): ‘You’re too hard on yourself.’
  3. Worst Choice (1 star): ‘Yeah, you mighta crossed the line.’

Chapter 10 – Watcher of the Vale

  • Location: Stand in the crowd and wait to give your speech. Make sure to speak with her last because once you’re done talking to her, the time for conversations might be over and you could miss out on talking to others.
  • Dialogue: What will you do?
  1. Best Choice (3 stars): Encourage her.
  2. Good Choice (2 stars): Smile at her
  3. Worst Choice (1 star): Stop her.

Chapter 11 – The Long Shadow of Shinra

  • Location: She is near the mako tower.
  • Dialogue: “You never came up here hopin’ she’d wave?”
  1. Best Choice (3 stars): ‘Sounds like something I’d do.’
  2. Good Choice (2 stars): ‘What? No way.’
  3. Worst Choice (1 star): ‘That’s not funny.’

Odd Jobs + Side Quests

Grasslands Region

  • Flowers from the Hill

Junon Region

  • Stuck in a Rut
  • Beneath Still Waters

Corel Region

  • Rendezvous in Costa del Sol

Gonaga Region

  • The Spice of Life
  • Woodland Vigil

Synergy Skills And Abilities

Synergy Skills Description Partner(s) Checkmark
Combat Savior Ask your partner to temporarily follow up attacks. Cloud
Aerith – Combat Savior
Bodyguard Ask your partner to defend you while you move about the field. Everybody Aerith – Bodyguard
Spellbound Blast Hold the button to gather strength, then release to unleash a powerful magic attack. Absorbs MP from allies. Tifa
Cait Sith
Aerith- Spellbound Blast
Synergy Abilities Description Partner(s) Checkmark
Firework Blade Cloud uses Aerith’s magic to unleash a ranged attack. Raises their limit levels. Cloud Aerith – Firework Balde
United Refocus Cloud and Aerith hone their focus. Temporarily partitions their ATB gauges into three segments. Cloud Aerith – United Refocus

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide

Main Story Choices for Final Fantasy 7 Aerith Romance Guide

Chapter 4 – Dawn of a New Era

Inauguration Parade: To win, your team needs to score more points than the other team in all three rounds. Doing this will also make Tifa like you more.

Chapter 6 – Fool’s Paradise

Same taste in beach wear: The clothes you pick for Cloud should be the same as Tifa’s, Aerith’s, or both. For example, if you choose a swimsuit for Cloud, you also have to choose swimsuits for both Tifa and Aerith. And if you choose casual clothes for Cloud, you should also pick the same kind for Tifa and/or Aerith. Some combinations are:

  • Swimsuit set: Wild Surf for Cloud/Pink Mermaid for Aerith
  • Casual Set: Ocean Chocobo for Cloud/Floral Delight for Aerith

Chapter 12 – A Golden Key

Loveless: To improve your relationship status, you need a good score. If you’re not close to Tifa, Aerith becomes like Rosa. She’s the usual choice for Rosa on other occasions too.

Skywheel Date

If you’re close friends with Aerith before Chapter 12, she’ll stick with you during the chapter and you’ll get to go on a special date with her on the Skywheel. But if your bond isn’t very strong, you’ll just see the regular scene. If your friendship is good, you’ll get to see a more intimate moment between you two.

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This concludes our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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