FIFA 19 Review: An Authentic Footballing Experience


Every year EA releases it’s mos popular game in the sporting genre to huge hype and speculation. This year has been no different, with a wide range of trailers released to increase that hype. FIFA 19 has a lot to offer to the fans of the franchise.

FIFA 19 improves where FIFA 18 failed, i.e in the gameplay department. The Journey comes to a interesting conclusion with our main boy Alex Hunter a Galactico now, vying to dethrone the likes of Bale and Benzema in the striking positions.


FIFA 19 has a very different feel to the Footballing experience as compared to FIFA 18. The player movement is more real, whilst controlling them in play. The defenders now are better at jostling the ball and the opposing player running with it. This creates a more authentic display of defending. The players also have to make sure to time there headers and volleys which when done to perfection creates an awe inspired finish, failing to time it can send the ball sailing into the orbit.


In FIFA 19 each team has a character that of the real clubs in the world. For instance Liverpool will play on the counter with the same devastating pace like the actual men from Mersey do. Real Madrid have a more quick pass and move team and Juventus have a more defensively organised look about them.

There are 5 different game modes to choose from with the inclusion of the Champions League. The Kick-off sees an array of different versions for players to enjoy. The one area where FIFA 19 has a stark difference in the Kick Off arena, with different game modes increasing the options for players to chose from. If you are a fan of the traditional kick off you will find it there, but we suggest you try the house rule mode and beat each other silly with tackles and offside goals.

Major Features: Champions League is Coming Home

Over the years Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer has had the rights to bring the Champions League in the virtual world. This year, however after a long bidding war; EA managed to grab the rights of portraying Europe’s best club competition. This is one of the major coups by the people at EA. FIFA always lacked the extra spark whilst trying to give the full authentic season experience to the players. FIFA 19 brings that authenticity a lot closer.


The Champions League features in all three main versions of the game, i.e the Kick Off, The Journey and the Career mode. With its very own graphic layout and match day presentation plus new commentators it really is a breath of fresh air, in the franchise which does seem a bit stale to the outsider.

The Journey: Alex Hunter Story Concludes

The Journey is set to be in it’s final season with Hunter trying to settle in at life at one of the world biggest and most successful clubs: Real Madrid. After Rolando’s transfer to Juventus in Italy, the club signs Hunter to take him on his new journey; being a Galactico. The story features all the major characters from the previous installments. Alex Hunter will try to find his place in the pantheon of heroes and make his mark on the grandest stage of all, the Champions League.


Danny Williams (Alex’s friend) and Kim Hunter (Alex’s half sister) are also playable characters in the story, both with their own set of narratives and their own journey’s different from that of the main hero Alex.

The overall quality of the writing does seem a little far fetched but the story does justice to a much successful experiment done by EA, it was not easy merging a story mode in a FIFA game which mostly revolved around Ultimate team and Career mode.

New Licenses

Sticking to the theme of authenticity, FIFA 19 brings more leagues into the fold this year. The Spanish League and the Italian Seri A both get a massive face lift. The match day presentation is similar to that of the real coverage both leagues get. With over 600 face scans of players and newly scanned stadiums, FIFA 19 brings two of the most famous leagues in the world into the gaming franchise.

On the whole, the game has the most number of licensed leagues, players and stadiums than ever before in the game’s history, with another update expected in November it’ll be close to as complete of a footballing game one could get.


The Champions League comes with it’s own sound package, two new commentators will take the helm to bring you the matches, the champions league song is played before every champions league match which really does make it seem like you are right in the midst of something special.


The crowd has been relayed to come up with different chants from time to time, to give a more fluent feel as the game goes on. The chants get louder or softer depending on how the team is performing. Really does act like a 12th man on Anfield’s European nights.

EA Trax, is a playlist of the coolest songs in the franchise, every year the Playlist manages to sneak into my playlist with some very nice tunes. This year; Diplo, Sia, The Gorillas make the list of some high profile singer songwriters to give the background some nice tinge of groovy music.

Verdict: It’s in the Game

FIFA 19 has managed to scale down on the mistakes of the previous version and bring it’s own originality to the long running series. It is a fresh take on a game which is considered the most popular in the world. With an interesting story mode and the new Champions League FIFA 19 stands out in the sport genre games of this year.

As a football fan it is a must have, as some one who is not much of a enthusiast it still is worth a shot considering how cool and funky the kick off mode is, who doesn’t like throwing people around without being penalized on the football field.

Overall FIFA 19 is worth the hype and a very champion-esk feather in the cap of EA Sports, they have managed to keep the fire burning in a FIFA game yet again, making it one of the most authentic experience of a football video game to date.







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