ECHO Developer is Shutting Down, Movie Still in Production

Echo Developer Shutting Down

Ultra Ultra, the developer behind ECHO, has announced that the studio is shutting down, however, their game ECHO will continue to sell on all major digital platforms. Ultra Ultra was made by some former IO Interactive employees but it seems like things did not go as they had planned and the studio has now shut down.

This was announced by Ultra Ultra on their official Twitter account where they mentioned that the studio is shutting down however they were pleased about releasing the title which came out from their heart. In the same tweet, the developer mentioned that the game will remain for sale on digital stores even after the closure of the studio.

However, responding to one of the fan’s question, the developer stated that the movie based on ECHO is still under production and the closure of the developer will not affect the movie in any way. This gives out some relief to the fans who loved the game and were waiting for the movie adaptation to come out.

ECHO was released by Ultra Ultra back in 2017 on PC and later a PS4 version was released later the same year. It featured the same stealth mechanics and visuals that were featured in the PC version. The game was received critically and it quickly formed a decent fan base. Even after the closure, the game can still be purchased both on Steam and PS4.

As far as the movie is concerned, Ultra Ultra has themselves mentioned that the movie deal will indeed happen and fans do not have to worry about anything when it comes to the movie adaptation.

ECHO was a unique stealth game which featured En who is a mysterious girl who finds herself inside The Palace which is creating copies of her. The Echoes can mimic her every move and actions so En has to adapt and use the periodic blackouts to make her moves. It was a very decent title back in 2017 and still holds its place well.

What are your thoughts on ECHO developer shutting down? Have you played ECHO? If yes, share your favorite in-game moment with us in the comments section below.

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