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Destiny 2

Before we start with the guide, it is worth mentioning that the following article contains major spoilers about the game Destiny 2. Proceed at your own risk if you want to know about the ending. You should complete Offering to the Oracle before reading this guide because it will help you unlock the ending cutscene.

The ending cutscene was recently found by some dataminers and the video has been on YouTube since it was found. You can watch the video but we recommend that if you have not, watch it as it is supposed to be watched, while playing the game and you can actually get the game to display the cutscene this week.

You can access the cutscene from the Dreaming City this week. Start by heading to the Dreaming City and accepting the Gateway Between Worlds bounty from Petra Venj. Once accepted, head to Blind Well and play some games until you earn enough Offering to the Oracle. Head back and turn in Offering to the Oracle when the curse is the strongest.

This will give you access to Mara Sov’s throne world. Head there and you will come to know that Mara Sov is missing. You will also notice that the hologram located on the left side is also different. The current holograms will represent rotunda in the Dreaming City. Head to this hologram and you will get the interact with it. A cutscene will begin. Watch it.

This is the ending cutscene that was recently leaked by dataminers and also the ending cutscene of the game. Many players will have a lot of questions after watching the cutscene because Uldren has been revived by a Ghost. This means that Uldren is now a Guardian and has his own Ghost now. Uldren might join the Hunter Vanguard in Cayde-6’s place but currently it is not confirmed.

It might be a possibility that Uldren will play an important role in a future DLC but we currently do not know whether this will be the case or not. We know that currently Guardians who are awoken by Ghosts do not remember their past. This makes it an interesting find and one that will keep us curious until the next big update for Destiny 2.

For the time being, you can jump back in Destiny 2 and work towards viewing the ending cutscene. Destiny 2 Black Armory is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think the cutscene holds for the future of Destiny 2? Feel free to use the comments section below.

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