Cadence of Hyrule Zora Flippers Guide – Where to Find Zora Flippers, Snorkel

Cadence of Hyrule Zora Flippers

In this Cadence of Hyrule Zora Flippers Guide, we will show you where you can get the Zora Flippers in the game. Zora Flippers are needed in order for you to swim and locating these flippers can be a little tricky especially if you don’t know where to find them.

Zora Flippers are one of the key items needed for the gameplay of Cadence of Hyrule. To find them, you need to go to Lake Hylia and in a small cave where the Prince of Zora resides.

Cadence of Hyrule Zora Flippers Guide

Below we have detailed where you can find the Zora Flippers and the Snorkel in the game.

Where to Find Zora Flippers and Snorkel

Make sure you have some bombs before you go to the cave in Lake Hylia. Once you are at the location you need to enter the cave of Zora Prince where you will see a few ghosts. Talk to the ghost that is to the far right who will talk about the Prince in good hands.

Place a bomb and then get ready to fight the ghosts. Once the ghost comes out, you need to fight and take it out. When the ghost is defeated, Prince Zora will wake up and reward you with Zora Flippers for saving him.

Additionally, you can also get a Snorkel to go with the Flippers. To get the Snorkel, you need to go to the south of the map on a Beach shop near the center. The Snorkel will cost you 80 in-game currency. With the Zora Flippers and Snorkel in hand, you will now be able to go in the dungeon of Lake Hylia to progress with the gameplay story.

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