Cadence of Hyrule Heart Container Guide – How to Get Link’s House Heart Container

Cadence of Hyrule Heart Container

In this Cadence of Hyrule Heart Container Guide, we will show you how you can get the Heart container that is outside Link’s House. This container can be seen when you choose Link as your primary character and wake up inside his house.

Heart Containers are very useful items that grant you full health bar permanently. As you can guess, it is a very helpful item especially when you are just getting started with the game. The Heart Container is placed on a raised platform that you need to get to, in order to reach the Heart Container.

Cadence of Hyrule Heart Container Guide

Below we have detailed how you can get to Heart Container outside Link’s House.

How to Get the Heart Container

As mentioned before, the Heart Container sits on a raised platform. However, there are many small enemies around here that you need to clear out. This is because you will need a lot of space to move around in order to get on top of the platform, and with the annoying enemies around, the whole process will become chaotic.

There is a slab of rock that you can see right at the bottom of the stairs. Move this rock straight up the small set of stairs and place to the right of the plant on the left. Now you need to destroy the plant to the left.

This will give you access to the area that takes you upwards. Push the slab in this new area all the way up to the two plants that are sitting at the right of the platform. You need to clear out the plants, and then get on top of the slab to jump on the platform.

Make sure you do not push the slab too far or in places that it gets stuck. In case it does happen, you will have to die and start all over again. Once you are at the top of the platform, you can collect the Heart Container.

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This concludes our Cadence of Hyrule Heart Container Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Thats wrong… when you push the slap into an place, where It will stuck, you can go into Links house or outside of the screen and everything is back to normal…

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