A Bug Gets You Destiny 2 Forsaken Items Before Launch, Bungie Investigates

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Destiny 2 Forsaken launches on September 4, 2018 and a pre-expansion patch went live earlier. However, few players have reportedly spotted bug that gets you Forsaken DLC armor and high level exotics before official launch of it.

Bungie has taken a notice of the bug, and says we are investigating the problem.

Since Destiny 2 Forsaken is days away, so why farm the items before? Well, its entirely up to individual. Few people love to exploit a bug, others just want to be ready for incoming content in Forsaken DLC. Nevertheless, we will highlight which and what items to farm before the release of Forsaken.

First, do the public events on Mars to complete Flashpoint. Then speak to Ana Bray and obtain legendary Forsaken Armors. Ana Bray may also drop Forsaken weapon rewards upon completion of Flashpoint.

Second, any exotic drop event will have the possibility of revamped exotic drop. You can do the raids, preferably prestige ones to double your chances of earning exotic drop and engrams. Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars currently have highest chance of revamped exotic if obtained from chests.

Regardless of armor and weapon drops, currently there is a condition that locks players from equipping items. If your power level is above 400, you can not equip the item(s).

Additionally, it seems exotic armor drops come with revamped rolls/perks and higher power. The weapon drops however, seems to remain the same.

The known exotic armor drops so far are Ophidia Spathe, Gemini Jester (Hunter boots) and legendary drop Scatterhorn Grasps. Check out the images below.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Destiny 2 Forsaken Destiny 2 Forsaken

In another news, PlayStation Plus September month gives you Destiny 2 for free. This is the perfect time to get Destiny 2 for free to try it out with your friends for free before you consider purchasing the new DLC Forsaken.

Let us know more in comments section below about any other legendary or exotic item weapon / armor drops pre-launch of Forsaken DLC.

Source: PCinvasion

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