Bigben Acquires Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager

4th Edition Bigben Week

Bigben has announced that it has acquired the publishing rights for Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager. Both of which are excellent cycling video game franchises.

This announcement comes after Cyanide decided to become part of Bigben and Bigben and A.S.O. signing a partnership together. Now both titles Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager are under Bigben’s umbrella.

Each year brings a new title in both franchises which allow cycling fans to take part in world’s biggest and most famous cycling race and lead their cycling teams to victory. Benoit Clerc who is the Head of Publishing at Bigben Interactive said

Sports games have always been an important part of Bigben’s catalogue. We are therefore extremely happy to be publishing these top cycling games, which will strengthen our publishing foothold.

Patrick Pligersdorff, CEO Cyanide added

Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager are long-established franchises from our studio and are eagerly anticipated by a growing number of fans every year. We are therefore delighted that we will benefit from Bigben’s sports sim expertise in 2019.

After the announcement, the Director of Tour de France organized by A.S.O, Christian Prudhomme said that

The Tour de France is the ultimate popular sports event. The race goes where the people are, passes in front of houses and is the stuff of dreams. The Tour de France game prolongs the real race experience. It is universally accessible and allows everyone to enter the universe of the world’s biggest cycling race and become a virtual participant.

Pro Cycling Manager is exclusively available on PC. It allows players to become a manager of a team of professional cyclists. Pro Cycling Manager allows one of the best cycling team management experiences as players will need to manage all aspects of their team’s life and race events at the same time.

Tour de France allows players to relive the world’s biggest cycling event. Players can choose from a big roster of world’s top cyclists and duke it out with other cyclists on the track based on its real-life counterpart. To win the race, they are required to choose everything ranging from the attack strategy, trajectory and energy management.

Bigben Tour de France

More information about both titles and their next releases will be announced soon. Pro Cycling Manager 2018 is available in PC while Tour de France 2018 is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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