Bigben Launches 4th Edition of Bigben Week with New Announcements

4th Edition Bigben Week

Bigben recently held a press conference during the 4th Edition of Bigben Week during which it recounted the history of its work in video game publishing and also unveiled their plans and ambitions for the future.

Bigben is aiming to become a leading AA publisher in the next three to five years and for this purpose, 2019 is very important for the publisher. It is set as the springboard for the publisher to reach its goal. Bigben has developed a robust strategy that will utilize the company’s extensive experience in the video game industry, its creativity and its catalog of video games from many different genres.

The publisher acquired three studios during 2018 which include Cyanide, EKO and KT Racing. Each studio has provided Bigben with valuable expertise to further expand Bigben’s catalog of games while making sure that they meet the expectations of gamers around the world. At this point, around 250 developers are working within the Bigben group.

All titles from Bigben are now structured in four major pillars providing a unique experience to gamers around the world. These include Racing, Sport, Simulation and Action & Adventure. Starting with Racing, Bigben is releasing the next installment in the WRC franchise, WRC 8 this year along with two brand new games.

First up is the Overpass which will task players with navigating and racing across a variety of technical and challenging off-road courses using buggies and quad bikes. The second game coming out is FIA European Truck Racing Championship which is focused more on a serious racing genre and will let players race in a highly simulated environment while controlling 5-tonne racing trucks.

In the Sports genre, Bigben has released Spike Volleyball in February 2019 and soon after Bigben acquired Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager when they acquired Cyanide. In addition, future releases include Rugby by EKO and Tennis World Tour – Roland Garros Edition which will allow players to play as Nadal on the legendary Parisian clay courts.

In the Simulation genre, Bigben is releasing a premium version of The Fisherman – Fishing Planet on consoles while Farmer’s Dynasty and Bee Simulator are also in the same genre. Farmer’s Dynasty is the combination of a farm simulator and life simulator while Bee Simulator will allow players to live their life as a bee and explore a big world from the perspective of a bee.

The most populated genre for Bigben is Action & Adventure and we have some really solid titles inbound this year. First off, we have Warhammer: Chaosbane by EKO which is releasing next month and is the first hack n slash set in the world of Warhammer. It will provide a whole new perspective to fans of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles franchise.

Another great title arriving next month is The Sinking City in which players will jump in the shoes of Charles Reed, a private detective who must solve the mystery behind an unprecedented and supernatural flood. Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory, an RPG by Black Shamrock and Cyanide is filled with original mechanics and quirky humor set in a dystopian world. Another title Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood will get more coverage during E3 next month.

Apart from these titles, Bigben also announced that it is partnering up with some more developers for some really great projects. One of such partnerships is with Paradox because of which a game under the Vampire: The Masquerade is in development. More details on this project will be shared during Gamescom in August.

Cyanide has also announced its partnership for the third edition of Blood Bowl and Blood Bowl 3 will be released soon. The game will coincide with the release of the new paper edition in 2020 and it is currently being revamped with all-new game rules. More details on Blood Bowl 3 will be revealed in the coming months as well.

What is your favorite announcement from the 4th Edition of Bigben Week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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