BEYOND SUNSET Unveils New PRELUDE Update with Enhanced Gameplay and Soundtrack

Beyond Sunset Prelude

Prepare to immerse yourself in the neon-drenched world of BEYOND SUNSET as Metacorp, your trusted corporate entity, unveils the latest PRELUDE update to this synthwave samurai shooter. Developed by Movie Games, BEYOND SUNSET’s newest chapter introduces players to a gripping prologue episode and an electrifying soundtrack by acclaimed composer Karl Vincent.

The PRELUDE update marks a significant enhancement to BEYOND SUNSET’s gameplay experience, introducing players to Episode 0: New Life. This upgraded version of the beloved demo episode features refined mechanics, rebalancing of encounters, and subtle quality-of-life improvements. Dive deeper into the narrative as you uncover the events leading up to the pivotal moment when Raven delivered Lucy to that fateful street corner, setting off a chain of harrowing events.

Check out the release trailer below:

Key Highlights of the PRELUDE Update:

  • Enhanced Prologue Episode: Episode 0: New Life offers players a more immersive and engaging experience, providing crucial insights into the game’s storyline before the chaos unfolds. Discover the secrets hidden within the shadows and brace yourself for unexpected challenges.
  • Spectacular Soundtrack by Karl Vincent: Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of the synthwave soundtrack, known as SYNTHTRACK, crafted by the talented composer Karl Vincent. Let the electrifying music elevate your gaming experience to new heights.
  • Gameplay Improvements: The PRELUDE update brings significant improvements to gameplay mechanics, including updated enemy AI systems, weapon replacements such as SMGs with battle rifles and rocket launchers with missile mods, and rebalanced encounters for a more dynamic combat experience.
  • Visual Enhancements: Explore visually enhanced levels with tweaked visuals, improved level pathing to minimize navigation issues, and added environmental details such as birds to enhance immersion.
  • Minor Quality-of-Life Changes: Experience a smoother gameplay experience with minor quality-of-life changes, including an updated tutorial in Chapter 0, ensuring players are well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Whether you’re a seasoned samurai or a newcomer to the neon-lit dystopia of BEYOND SUNSET, the PRELUDE update promises a thrilling journey filled with mystery, action, and unforgettable moments. Join the adventure, uncover the truth, and embrace the synthwave samurai spirit like never before.

Beyond Sunset Prelude

The BEYOND SUNSET PRELUDE update is now available for players to dive into on their preferred gaming platforms. Experience the fusion of retro-futuristic aesthetics, adrenaline-pumping gameplay, and a captivating narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The developer previously revealed the gameplay teaser along with the information that the game is using the original DOOM engine.

Would you be interested in jumping back in BEYOND SUNSET to try out the new episode or the soundtrack? Let us know in the comments section below.

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