Cyberpunk FPS Beyond Sunset Gets New Teaser Trailer

Beyond Sunset Prelude

Developer Metacorp and publisher Movie Games have released a brand-new teaser trailer for their upcoming cyberpunk FPS Beyond Sunset. The new short 30-second teaser showcases the intense FPS action that we can expect from the game when it comes out. We can see different weapons, areas, enemies, and the overall gameplay style of Beyond Sunset in it. Gameplay-wise, the game is strictly following the generic FPS formula with fast-paced movement, shooting, and exploring enemies.

Check it out below before we jump into additional details:

From the teaser, you can easily say that the game reminds you of Doom from its early days because of the dark environments, pixelated art style, and limited color palette. The setting and the environments all give a very strong Cyberpunk vibe with a focus on circuits, electricity, and industrial-looking structures. The enemies are pretty varied as well and while they are not really clear, they somewhat appear to be more demons than humans. The official description of the game details that you will be going up against yakuza, zombies, robots, and bosses but we yet have to see the yakuza enemies in action.

The new teaser is only limited to a few things from the main game, and it is looking promising so far. You are an enhanced street samurai equipped with a katana, weapons, and other weapons and you will use them to tear through the enemies while searching for your lost memories. Since the gameplay is pretty fast, you will be required to adjust to this speed quickly and take down the enemies because otherwise, you will be dead yourself. The developer is calling the gameplay of Beyond Sunset as Gun Jutsu where you will upgrade your weapons, outmaneuver your enemies, and unlock special abilities in vertical combat scenarios.

Beyond Sunset Teaser

While Beyond Sunset is slated to arrive on PC soon, a Steam page for the game is currently live and you can add the game to your wishlist right now. If you want to try out a small slice of the game, there’s a free Beyond Sunset demo available on Steam as well that you can download and play right now without paying any price. Additional details about the game will be revealed later. Make sure you check out the original announcement teaser trailer of Beyond Sunset as well.


Are you looking forward to playing Beyond Sunset and what are your thoughts on the second teaser trailer released for the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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