Left 4 Dead Developers Announce a New Co-Op Zombie Shooter Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios have announced a new co-cop zombie shooter called Back 4 Blood. Turtle Rock Studios is the developer behind Left 4 Dead and they were previously known as Valve South.

Back 4 Blood looks like a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead and it will follow pretty much the same formula of the original zombie slaying title. Back 4 Blood is also a co-op shooter and players will slay zombies.

Fans of the original Left 4 Dead series were desperately waiting for the next installment in the franchise but it seems like Left 4 Dead 3 is not happening any time soon. Instead, Turtle Rock Studios is working on Back 4 Blood.

The developers announced this in their official FAQ section where the studio did not reveal too much information about the title. They have not released any video, image or detailed information about the title at this point. The official post states

Back 4 Blood is a co-op zombie FPS with new features we aren’t ready to talk about just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for all news on our official Discord. We are going back to our roots and at the same time innovating on them. We know we have some big shoes to fill, but we’re going all out to surpass everything we’ve done before.

The studio also acknowledges that they are revealing very little information about the title at this stage. The title is currently planned for PC, Xbox One and PS4. More options can be explored in the future. The developer also makes it clear that it is not Left 4 Dead 3. The game will not have any sort of PvP and Battle Royale. It will be strictly a campaign game.

You can check out the complete FAQ for more details on the game. It also has a link to the studio’s official Discord channel and a link for some job postings if you are interested in joining the team to work on Back 4 Blood.

What are your thoughts on Back 4 Blood? Are you excited to know more details about the title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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