ARK Extinction Resource Locations Guide – All Resources, Where to Find

ARK Extinction Resource Locations Guide

In this ARK Extinction Resource Locations Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all different types of resources that you can find in the new map added to ARK: Survival Evolved with the expansion Extinction. Resources play a major role in ARK and you cannot progress in the game until you have plenty of different resources for crafting different things in the game. It is vital that you know the spawn locations of all resources on the map so that you can easily find and collect them whenever you want.

We have curated this ARK Extinction Resource Locations Guide in which we will detail the location of all resources in the game that are present in Extinction. We will cover all previous and new resources that have added to the game with Extinction. With the help of this guide, you will be able to easily located all resources whenever you want.

Resource Locations Guide – Where to Find

Our ARK Extinction Resource Locations Guide details the locations of all resources in Extinction so you can easily find them. The game features a number of resources; we have detailed all of them below.

You can normally get most of the resources that are not easily found in the game using Gachas. Train as many of them as each one can provide you with only one type of resource. However, still you will need to venture out for resources. We have detailed their locations below.


You will find oil in the Red Zone which in the north middle of the map. Break the black stones on the ground and you will get oil and stone. Killing Enforcers or robots will also get you some oil. The coordinates for this location are 3.4 and 42.9.

There is also one located in the south middle section of the map as well. You will find some oil nodes here from where you can break rocks and collect oil. The coordinates for this location are 80 and 37.

Red Crystallized Sap

You can find Sap in the corrupted areas. There is one located right outside the corrupted area. In the corrupted areas, you will find strange trees that look burned but alive at the same time. Break them and you will get Red Crystallized Sap and Thatch. On your compass, the location for this will be 8 and 43.7.


Silicate is obtained from the Red Zones as well. Break the red rock formations here and you will get Silicate. Along with Silicate you will also get Flint and Obsidian.

Metal and Obsidian

Head to the coordinates 0.6 and 38 and you will find a decent amount of metal here. This location is near the spawn point of the King Titan. You will also crystal, obsidian and silicate as well here. Metal is also obtained by killing Enforcers. Kill them and loot them to obtain scrap metal and then smelt it to get Metal.


You can get organic polymer from corrupted animals. Find and kill corrupted Giganotosaurus and harvest its body. You will often get corrupted nodules from harvesting their bodies which are basically the replacement for organic polymer for Extinction. Go to the location where there are plenty of Giganotosaurses and start farming for corrupted hearts and you will get plenty of organic polymer.

Gas Bag Bladder

You can get Gas Bag Bladders by simply killing Gas Bags. You will find them roaming around often so whenever you want to farm some, start killing and collecting their Gas Bag Bladders.


You will find paste in Beaver Dams all around the map. There are plenty of locations on the map where you can find them. One such location is 49 and 29. Find Beaver Dams and collect paste from it.

Sulfur/Gas Balls

Head to the coordinates 62 and 27 if you need Sulfur and Gas Balls. You will find a lot of Sulfur Stone nodes here. Simply use your pickaxe to break them and you will get plenty of Sulfur and Gas Balls here. Breaking these stones will give you Sulfur and Condensed Gas. Put the Condensed Gas in the forge with nothing else and you will get Gas Balls.

Green Gem

Green Gems are actually blue in color so do not get confused when you break down blue crystals and the game tells you that you have received Green Gems. They are found pretty much all over the map. Look for small blue crystals and break them. They will give you Green Gems.

Fungal Wood

You can collect fungal wood from trees that have purple and yellow leaves. The main trunk of these trees are actually multiple thin trunks intervened with each other. If you head to the coordinates 13 and 27, you will easily find these trees. Break them down you will get Fungal Wood and Red Sap.


You can collect electronics by heading to the City Sanctuary and hitting the light poles with your hatchet or axe. You will also get metal scrap from them which can be further refined to obtain Elemental Dust and crystals. Combining Metal Ingot and Silicate will also give you electronics.

If you are looking for Elemental Dust, check out our guide on how to obtain it right here.

This concludes our ARK Extinction Resource Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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