Apex Legends Havoc Weapon Guide – Best Attachments, Loadout Details

Apex Legends Havoc Weapon

In this Apex Legends Havoc Weapon Guide, we will show you how to use the new weapon that has been added into the game. The Havoc is an assault rifle that can be frustrating to use, but with the right type of attachments, it can be very deadly.

The Havoc can be a tough weapon to handle, and it also is a slow starting weapon. but this guide will show you how you can make the most out of this assault rifle in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Havoc Weapon Guide

Below we have listed what type loadout the Havoc needs, how to use the weapon and what are the best attachments to make the rifle better.

Havoc Loadout

Havoc is a new type of assault rifle that uses Energy ammo. It has a magazine size of 25 where a single shot selection fires 5 ammo per shot. The weapon has two firing modes, where one is a full auto and one is single shot. However you require Select Fire Receiver attachment for it to switch firing modes.

It can be attached with 1x, 2x, 4x ACOG scope, though no Digital Threat or Sniper Optics can be equipped on it. Buff attachments include Stock, Select Fire Receiver Hop-up, Turbocharger Hop-up.

On full auto it deals 18 damage on body and 40 damage on headshots. On the other hand on single fire mode it deals 36 body, and 80 headshot damage.

Havoc on its own as a weapon can be a tricky gun to use. Just to start it up can take time for it to get to full speed of firing. It is pretty similar to the Devotion LMG. Though to counter the start up lag, you can attach Turbocharger Hop-up.

Another issue is that it uses Energy ammo, which is seen quite less than light, heavy and shotgun ammo. If you are lucky, you can find a lot of ammo by looting downed enemies.

How to Use Havoc

Now that you know what the Havoc loadouts are, the attachments that it can use to make it better. All that is left is to talk about the single fire or the full auto mode that the Havoc can offer.

Attaching the Turbocharger on the Havoc removes the delay time on the rifle for a full auto firing. While attaching the Select Fire turns it into a single fire mode that charges up and then fires a hitscan beam to deal high damage.

Before you can choose what is best for you, you of course have to find the attachments in the first place. You are always left at the mercy of what attachment you are going to find or not. This is where Havoc looses out to most of the other assault rifles. In trying to make it the weapon you want it to be, you can be left looking around for the attachment, wasting precious time.

If you are lucky though, you can find the attachment of your choice and go on about with this powerful weapon. The biggest peeve which is the delay can be taken out by the Turbocharger, making it the devastating weapon close range. Still you are better off with a R-301 assault rifle if you ask me.

This concludes our Apex Legends Havoc Weapon Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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