Anzu, Lion Castle Partnering Up for Immersive Ads in Premium Console Games

Anzu Lion Castle

Anzu has been expanding its in-game advertisement platform with more and more partnerships ever since it became the first in-game ad company with an ISO 27001 certification. Further expanding their scope, Anzu is now joining hands with the Dutch game publisher Lion Castle to bring premium in-game ads to their three premium console games. As part of the new partnership, Lion Castle’s titles will get blended, natural, and easy-to-view ads for a more refined gaming experience.

The three Lion Castle titles to get Anzu integration include Slide Stars, Speed 3: Grand Prix, and Taxi Mayhem. All three titles will now feature ultra-realistic in-game video and banner ads that will be immersed in video games and will not annoy players like in most video games with pop-up ads. CEO of Lion Castle, Ronnie Nelie commented on the newly formed partnership:

We are very excited about this new partnership with Anzu. We have always embraced opportunities to integrate real-life authentic brands into our games to improve the overall experience. Anzu’s technology makes it possible for us to take the next step in this and connect with our gaming audiences in a new way.

The three titles by Lion Castle getting the Anzu treatment are all focused on open environments with plenty of immersive advertisement opportunities making them the perfect fit for Anzu’s platform. Slide Star is an all-new waterpark racer that features some of the world’s biggest social stars are playable characters. Speed 3: Grand Prix is an upcoming circuit racer while Taxi Mayhem is a new take on the classic genre of taxi driver games.

Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO of Anzu also said:

We’re honored to partner with a game publisher as iconic as Lion Castle to enhance the gaming experience while bringing new opportunities for monetization. Additionally, our global network of advertisers will benefit significantly from access to Lion Castle’s dedicated audiences. This partnership represents another step towards the unification of two industries – gaming and advertising – and speaks to the power of virtual worlds and the unbelievable experiences we can create for brands and gamers

Previous partnerships of include Zula, Toplitz Productions, Vivid Games, and APB Reloaded. The company recently became the only in-game ad company to receive ISO 27001 certification and has since then moved ahead of its competition by offering the most immersive and safe in-game advertisement platform to video game publishers.

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