Early Insights Unveiled for devcom Developer Conference 2024

Devcom Developer Conference 2024

The anticipation for the devcom Developer Conference 2024 (#ddc2024) is building as early updates about the event’s sessions, speakers, and on-site program are revealed. Set to take place from August 18 to 20, 2024, at Cologne’s state-of-the-art “Confex” center, this conference is poised to bring together thousands of industry professionals for a hybrid experience blending in-person and online access with the Digital Pass.

One of the highlights of this year’s conference is the significant surge in speaker and session submissions, up by more than 50% compared to the previous year. The program team has noticed a shift in the submitted topics, particularly with a notable increase in production-focused talks. While submissions related to AI remain steady, there has been a decline in topics centered around crypto.

As the review process progresses, devcom is excited to unveil the first speakers and their intriguing topics. Among them is the Opening Keynote by Game Writer and Narrative Designer Kelsey Beachum, renowned for their work on the critically acclaimed indie space adventure game, Outer Wilds. Fleur Marty, Executive Producer at Fang & Claw, will delve into “The Art of Closing,” offering valuable insights on project completion and team motivation. Additionally, Vladimir Lopatin, Sr. Technical Artist at Guerrilla Games, will present innovative methods for capturing wave simulation data in large open-world games.

devcom has also confirmed the participation of the first 50 speakers for #ddc2024, featuring a mix of seasoned industry veterans and emerging talents. This diverse lineup promises a wealth of insights spanning various aspects of game development.

Devcom Developer Conference 2024
The agenda is not finalized and might be changed

With further updates on talks, speakers, and the program yet to come, devcom invites all professionals from the game industry to join them at the devcom Developer Conference 2024. It’s an opportunity not to be missed for networking, knowledge exchange, and staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations in game development.

First conference highlights of #ddc2024

Opening Keynote

Kelsey Beachum | they/them | Freelance Game Writer and Narrative Designer (Projects include Outer Wilds, Dying Light 2, The Pathless)

What the Artist Needs to Know! Building Communication Between Level Design and Environment Art

Evan Hill | he/him | Self Hunter Studio & Danielle Wallace | she/her, they/them | Heart Machine

  • Dani and Evan will share advice on how to foster better communication between art and design in both indie and AAA environments, to help the audience navigate both sides of level development.

The Art of Closing

Fleur Marty | she/her | Fang & Claw

  • Closing is simultaneously the least glamorous and the most critical phase of game development, and it heavily impacts both the final quality of the game and the overall health of the team. The goal of this session is to provide clear, practical, and actionable advice to producers on how to conduct a good closing phase and how to help their team fall in love with it.

Building and Growing a Cross-Project Department through the Power of Technical Production

Lucie Prunier | she/her | DON’T NOD

  • To avoid reinventing the wheel during each parallel workstream, DON’T NOD put together some technical cross-project departments, and Technical Producers were tasked with organizing them. Lucie shares the importance of not just thinking about how to ship a project, but how to build and sustain a long-term cross-project service.

Talking the Walk – 10 Steps to Stay Relevant in Today’s Competitive Industry

Martin Cao | he/him | Nimble Giant Entertainment

  • Industry veteran Martin Cao, CEO of Nimble Giant Entertainment, walks participants through the 10 steps that his company has taken over the last 20+ years, not only to keep the lights on, but to grow from a small indie dev studio in Buenos Aires into one the largest and most experienced studios across many LATAM countries.

Simulation and Representation of Topology-Changing Rolling Waves for Massive Open Ocean Games

Vladimir Lopatin | he/him | Guerrilla Games

  • Guerrilla Games is proposing a novel method of capturing physical wave simulation data with a set of approximation curves that can deal with overhangs, changing topology, and strict budget requirements in a massive open-world game where variability, artistic control, and performance are of primary concern.

Devcom Developer Conference 2024

The first 50 confirmed speakers for #ddc2024 are:

  • Adam Sporka | other | Acaremi
  • Ahmed Salama | he/him | Ubisoft Global Creative Office
  •  Alec Shea | he/him | Freelance Composer, Sound Designer, Voice Actor
  • Alexandra Lia Grindean | she/her | Avalanche Studios
  • Alexandre Mandryka | other | Game Whispering
  • Amber Pasternack | she/her | University of Glasgow
  • Anders Vang Pedersen | he/him | Dania Academy, University of Applied Science
  • Andreas Podgurski | he/him | Ulisses Digital
  • Andrii Kaplia | he/him | BioWare
  • Björn Pankratz | he/him | Game Designer
  • Celia Hodent | she/her | Freelance
  • Charlie Kenihan | he/him | Bin Chicken Studios
  • Chris Hong | he/him | CosmoUniverse
  • Christian Mahnke | he/him | EarReality
  • Danielle Wallace | she/her, they/them| Heart Machine
  • Donald Barrett | he/him | Insomniac Games
  • Emilie Beauchamp | she/her | Warner Montréal
  • Evan Hill | he/him | Self Hunter Studio
  • Fleur Marty | she/her | Fang & Claw
  • Freya Melhorn | she/her | BXDXO GmbH
  • Geraldo Nascimento | he/him | Lively – A Keywords Studio
  • Gregory Queste | he/him | Not a Shark Company

Additional information is available on the official website. The official application form for speakers is open until May 19. The ticket store is currently open with an early bird discount until May 31. You can also check out details on the new Confex Center.

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