AMD Ryzen 2700 And 2600X Now Bundled With Wraith Max Coolers

AMD Ryzen 2700

The AMD Wraith Max cooler was first exclusive to OEMs but then it was later released for people that wanted to buy it as a retail product for $59 but it was never bundled with processors. That is going to change now. Reports are coming in that the upcoming models of the AMD Ryzen 2700 and the 2600X will come bundled with the AMD Wraith Max coolers.

The AMD Wraith Max is one of the top of the line AM4 coolers that AMD has to offer right now. No matter how you look at it, it is a much better cooler than what Intel is providing. Not only does it provide decent cooling but it looks impressive too.

The sleek design blends in with the rest of your build and you also get RGB lighting which is something that stock Intel coolers do not offer. The cable that plugs into the motherboard is braided, which is not a major feature but is still something that AMD does right.

AMD Ryzen 2700

The fan speed of the cooler can be configured between 700-2600 RPM which is very impressive indeed and the cooler can cool a CPU with a TDP of 140W. That is very impressive keeping in mind that this is a stock cooler that you get out of the box.

We are not sure whether or not the pricing of the AMD Ryzen 2700 and the 2600X is going to increase with this bundle. It is more than likely that AMD is trying to sell as much of these CPUs as possible as the company is going to introduce the upcoming AMD Ryzen 3000 series which is around the corner.

AMD Ryzen 2700

Let us know what you think about AMD including the AMD Wraith Max cooler with the AMD Ryzen 2700 and AMD Ryzen 2600X CPUs and whether or not this is something that you are interested in.


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