Mega Roguelite 30XX Unleashes 1.2 Update with New Character and More

30XX Update

Today marks an electrifying milestone for the mega rogue-lite platformer 30XX from Batterystaple Games as it rolls out its highly anticipated free 1.2 content update. Packed with thrilling additions, including a fresh playable character, alternate levels, and quality-of-life improvements, this update is now live on PC via Steam.

30XX has captivated over one hundred thousand super bots worldwide, and now, players can dive deeper into the action with the introduction of Delta, a brand-new playable character with a flair for stylish maneuvers. Delta seamlessly switches between Nina and Ace’s weapons, generating Hype with each hit and unleashing Glory for a burst of speed, damage, and NRG to fuel an array of Powers.

Adding to the excitement, the update spices up gameplay variety with new Alt Phases. Players can now encounter the Burning Temple, Deepverse, and Highvault stages on level 3+, triggering unexpected twists and introducing surprising new minibosses for an enhanced challenge.

For those seeking quicker runs, the update offers the new Ephemeral Journey Condition, cutting runs down to five levels instead of ten. Additionally, players can delve into the intricate Datalore for enemies and bosses, gaining deeper insights into the game’s narrative and characters.

Moreover, Nina and Ace receive new actions to amp up their gameplay. Nina’s Stance Lock keeps her stationary while shooting, enhancing precision aim, while Ace’s Blade Swap allows for quick switching between primary weapons. These quality-of-life updates and more await players in the exhilarating 1.2 update.

30XX Update

To celebrate the update, 30XX is now available at a 30% discount on Steam until April 29. Nintendo Switch players can also join the fun with a 25% discount from April 17 through April 23. The game is available on both platforms, with the 1.2 update currently live on Steam and set to arrive on Nintendo Switch in the coming days.

With its dynamic gameplay, captivating characters, and continuous updates, 30XX promises an immersive and thrilling experience for roguelite enthusiasts and platformer fans alike on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Let us know if you would be interested in jumping back in 30XX to try out the new 1.2 update.

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