Roguelite Platformer 30XX Nintendo Switch Release Announced, Maker Update Released for PC Early Access

30XX Update

Update: August 31, 2023: Batterystaple Games has announced the Nintendo Switch release dates for 30XX, the upcoming sequel to the original 20XX. For its Nintendo Switch release, 30XX is taking a different approach and will be released on a different date in each region. The release schedule for 30XX on Nintendo Switch is as follows:

  • 1 Sept. – Nintendo of America eShop
  • 12 Sept. – Nintendo of Europe eShop 
  • 28 Sept. – Nintendo of Japan eShop

Original Story: Indie game studio Batterystaple Games has announced the Nintendo Switch release of its roguelite platformer 30XX as the new Maker Update goes live on PC. 30XX is a sequel to the mega-roguelite platformer 20XX which managed to reach a massive milestone of over 4 million players, and it will now be released on Nintendo Switch when the 1.0 version of the game will released on PC in Q3 2023. While the full release of 30XX might still be a little far away, PC players who are currently involved with the Early Access version of the game will be glad to know that the latest Maker Update has arrived on PC.

Check out the new Nintendo Switch announcement trailer for 30XX below to see the game running on the portable console:

30XX is all about high-speed, high-stakes action as you will hightail it through chaotic levels at lightning-fast speeds. You can combine game-changing unlockable weapons and power-ups in both solo and co-op game modes. 30XX supports both online and local couch co-op as you can tailor the game’s difficulty up and down to suit each player’s playing preference. You can also focus on the story and settle with a robust Assist Mode or if you are looking for some hardcore action, turn up the heat with custom Entropy Conditions for a more challenging experience.

The new Maker Mode has arrived for the Early Access PC version of 30XX, and it will allow you to build, edit and play full-fledged levels helmed by the creator behind the Mega Man Maker fan project. Apart from creating new levels, you can also share yours with other players from around the world and play levels created by other players as well. The Maker Mode will also be available on the Nintendo Switch, and it will use the same developer tools used to create levels in the main game and will allow you to pitch Nina and Ace against your own creativity.

30XX Nintendo Switch

The Maker Tool will allow you to create the levels however you want. You can either customize levels for ridiculous speed runs and record times or even design full-scale Metroidvania levels which are riddled with enemies, puzzles, and sub-bosses. After it is complete, you can engage with your favorite types of custom levels through powerful discovery tools. The developer is teasing another major announcement for 30XX soon so make sure to keep checking back here as we will be covering it as well.

30XX is slated for its 1.0 PC release and the Nintendo Switch release for Q3 2023 and is currently available on PC in Early Access for just $19.99. A digital soundtrack of the game is also available separately for $9.99.

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What are your thoughts on 30XX coming to Nintendo Switch? Have you played the PC version of the game, or will you wait until next year for the full 1.0 release? Let us know in the comments section below.

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