Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 8 Collectibles Guide – All Collectibles

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 8 Collectibles Guide

In this Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 8 Collectibles Guide, we will guide you on where you can find all of the collectibles in the eighth mission of Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The eighth mission in Zombie Army 4: Dead War is Hell Base and across the course of all chapters of the mission, you will find plenty of collectibles. You will find different collectibles in each chapter of the mission and we have detailed all of them below.

There are five unique types of collectibles in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. You can collect Documents and Comic Pages as well as Upgrade Kits. Apart from these, you will often find rogue Zombie Hands running around which can only be collected by shooting them. The final collectible in the game is Heroic Acts. These are special situations in the game where you will be required to assist and save survivors. You must save the survivors in order to collect this collectible type.

Mission 8 Collectibles Guide – Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Our Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 8 Collectibles Guide details locations of all collectibles found in Mission 8 Hell Base of Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Collectible # 1 – Heroic Action

From the moment you start the first chapter in the mission, you will find a large cliff after you open the blood seal. Walk to the edge and look down to the far platform below where an NPC will be getting attacked by some zombies. Kill them by shooting the explosive barrel and save to man to complete this act.

Collectible #2 – Comic

When you get the objective to cross the ravine and reach the drainpipe, enter the building through the open window that will be to the right. Enter inside and us the ramp to reach the top where the comic will be on a table.

Collectible #3 – Zombie Hand

In the first chapter, you will come across a gate that when you open will spawn a lot of enemies and sniper enemies that you have to defeat. The gate leads you to the main area through a small metal bridge. Cross it and then turn right to see the Zombie Hand walking on the s second base.

Collectible #4 – Document

From the last location, head towards the objective which will take you down under the bunker. Inside you will find the document to the right of the door near the ammo crate.

Collectible #5 – Upgrade Kit

From the last location when you exit the building to head outside to the objective, you will find that the objective will be to the left where you have to cross the bridge. Instead of going left, continue straight to the path that takes you to the other side of the building. When you reach the end, a door to your left will take you inside a large room that will contain the Upgrade Kit.

Collectible #6 – Upgrade Kit

This collectible is found at the starting of the third chapter. You will find that some enemies will jump out from a door by breaking it. Defeat them and enter the area through the door that they came from. The Kit will be inside in this area to the right.

Collectible #7 – Document

In this same area when the chapter starts, a new door will open to the left that has the path taking you to the next objective. Continue down the ramps until you reach down towards the Document on top of a crate box straight ahead.

Collectible #8 – Comic

When you are tasked to go under a large mechanized machine, instead of turning left and going under it where the objective is, continue straight ahead and to the right where a room will contain the Comic on top of the table.

Collectible #9 – Zombie Hand

This zombie hand will be inside the small circular walkway under the machine, you can spot it when you are about to destroy the sixth valve. Shoot it and then you can collect it.

Collectible #10 – Zombie Hand

As soon as you begin the third chapter of this mission, look to your left when you enter the main area. a zombie hand will be walking back and forth on the staircase on the other side of the metal fencing.

Collectible #11 – Document

From the last location, continue straight ahead and the Document will be on top of a box.

Collectible #12 – Comic

Your next task will be to call the elevator in this chapter. Instead of going towards it turn right towards the area, run under the set of stairs and towards the fire truck. Behind the truck will be some large ammunition crates and storage. The comic will be on one of the boxes here.

Collectible #13 – Upgrade Kit

After you call the elevator and fight the boss, you will find that some new doors will open after the battle. Instead of continuing towards the objective which is to enter the elevator, enter the door that is opposite to the elevator door. Inside, you will find the Upgrade kit.

Collectible #14 – Upgrade Kit

When you begin the fourth chapter in this mission, you will be fighting some enemies and grabbing the item from the middle of this area. Now go to the area that is straight across from where you entered in this area. This area will have some electrical machines, and to the right is the Kit.

Collectible #15 – Document

From the last location, continue towards the objective when the door opens. When you enter the room, instead of following the objective to the right, pick up the document that will be on the chair to the left.

Collectible #16 – Zombie Hand

When you head out where you have to survive until the portal is ready. Look to the left where you will find a zombie hand on the staircase.

Collectible #17 – Comic

In the same area and after the fight with the enemies, continue to the far end of the area where the comic will be behind some barrels and to the door on the right.

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