Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 4 Collectibles Guide – Upgrade Kits, All Collectibles

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 4 Collectibles Guide

In this Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 4 Collectibles Guide, we will guide you on where you can find all of the collectibles in the fourth mission of Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The fourth mission in Zombie Army 4: Dead War is Zombie Zoo and across the course of all chapters of the mission, you will find plenty of collectibles. You will find different collectibles in each chapter of the mission and we have detailed all of them below.

There are five unique types of collectibles in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. You can collect Documents and Comic Pages as well as Upgrade Kits. Apart from these, you will often find rogue Zombie Hands running around which can only be collected by shooting them. The final collectible in the game is Heroic Acts. These are special situations in the game where you will be required to assist and save survivors. You must save the survivors in order to collect this collectible type.

Mission 4 Collectibles Guide – Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Our Zombie Army 4: Dead War Mission 4 Collectibles Guide details locations of all collectibles found in Mission 4 Zombie Zoo of Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Collectible # 1 – Zombie Hand

This collectible will be in the first chapter of this mission. You will find the Zombie hand inside the large birdcage. The hand will try to camouflage itself in one of the branches to imitate a bird.

Collectible #2 – Comic

This collectible can be found when you tasked with disabling the breakers. The nearest breaker from the birdcage will have the comic for you. Head down inside the underground area where the breaker is and shut it down. This will open a new door on the left of the hallway. Inside is the comic you can collect.

Collectible #3 – Upgrade Kit

This will be near the gondola when you are looking for another breaker to disable. Head to the area that says “SISAVCIF” and enter it from the right side. Just follow the electric cables and continue straight until you see the upgrade kit.

Collectible #4 – Document

From the last location head back and turn right to follow the cable. This will take you to an open area with another large cage. The document will be on a bench here just before the cage.

Collectible #5 – Upgrade Kit

This collectible will be in chapter two of this mission and in the area where you exit the tunnel after a second time. The collectible will be inside a bunker buried under a small hill. Collect the kit from inside.

Collectible #6 – Zombie Hand

This collectible will be located in the area where you are tasked to push forward. You will come out in the open area after some stairs from the previous location. To the right will be a circle garden with a ring of bushes. Inside will be some benches where the Zombie hand will be roaming around.

Collectible #7 – Document

As you continue in the chapter, you will enter an indoor forest area that will have a lot of plants. Turn left from here and continue all the way to the end where the document will be on a bench.

Collectible #8 – Comic

In the same plant area, you will fight some enemies. When you get your next task to reach the exit, turn right just before reaching the objective, and collect the comic from a white round table.

Collectible #9 – Document

This collectible is in chapter 3 of this mission and in the round room after the hallway. In this room will be the document placed on the stairs.

Collectible #10 – Comic

In the same chapter, you will come to a large round room where you will be fighting hordes. Here you can find the document in the display booth to the left.

Collectible #11 – Zombie Hand

In the same area, there is another display booth to the right side from where you entered. The zombie hand will not be moving but will be a part of the display.

Collectible #12 – Heroic Act

The heroic act here is to save the two NPCs that will be next to the exit here. Your task is to not let any zombie kill them. Save them until the exit is open.

Collectible #13 – Upgrade Kit

Head out from the exit door that opened from the last collectible location. This will take you straight to the upgrade kit on the right, and inside the room.

Collectible #14 – Zombie Hand

Once you exit the area by taking the stairs that eventually lead you outside, the zombie hand will be on the wall on top. Shoot at it to collect it.

Collectible #15 – Comic

After your last location, continue ahead into the next area where you will come to a fountain. Straight from the fountain will be a bench that will have this comic placed on it.

Collectible #16 – Document

Behind the bench in the previous location are some stairs. Climb them and turn left where the Document will be on a wooden box on the left.

Collectible #17 – Upgrade Kit

Straight ahead from the last location, your objective will be to enter the building. Right before you enter turn left from the door and you will find an Upgrade Kit.

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