Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Colgera Boss Guide – How to Beat

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Colgera Boss Guide

After completing the Wind Temple puzzle in the Regional Phenomena quest, you will have to face the Wind Temple boss called Colgera. The boss shows up in the last part of the quest where you have to defeat it to complete the quest. This Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Colgera Boss Guide will show you how to beat the boss, how the battle will progress, and what attacks to look out for.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Colgera Boss Guide

Colgera is a flying beast that will attack you with sharp ice projectiles and bring out tornadoes to trouble you. The battle progresses in three stages, where your focus is to attack the boss’ weak spot to damage it and eventually win the battle.

Before you start the fight, you should consider preparing yourself with the right items for this battle. The first is to equip Keese eyeballs to your arrows, which will help you hit the weak spots with accuracy. The second is Tulin’s gust ability, which will come in handy in the final stage of the battle.

In the first phase where the boss shows up in the quest, you will be able to spot Colgera’s weak spots as it is attack you with the ice projectiles. The weak spot looks like a shiny and icy part of the body that will stand out from the rest of the boss’s body. You can attack this weak spot by first using your glider to get high enough and close to the boss.

To help your accuracy further, you can use Keese eyeballs on your arrows to automatically home on the weak spot.

The best way to attack the weak spot is to use your arrows. This is because you can slow the time down and attack with your arrows. When the weak spot is damaged, the boss will disappear, indicating the start of the next phase.

During the second stage, Colgera will pass through a portal to emerge underneath the battle area, shifting from one side of the portal to the other. Use your paraglider to go underneath the boss and continue hitting the weak spot. With the homing arrows, you can easily and accurately hit the weak spot, slowly damaging it with each attack.

The final stage is where the boss will now summon tornadoes, making it hard for you to focus on its weak spots. With Tulin’s gust ability, you can quickly move away from the tornadoes. Your strategy in this final phase will remain the same where you will keep hitting the weak spots.

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That’s how you can beat Colgera as shown in this Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Colgera Boss Guide. Post your comments below.

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