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Xbox Anaconda is one of the consoles that Microsoft is working on right now. Reports regarding the upcoming PS5 have been popping more frequently and Sony has even confirmed some of the specifications of the upcoming console but new reports claim that the Xbox Anaconda is going to be far more superior when it comes to performance. The Xbox Anaconda could be the most powerful console of the next-generation.

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market right now and that is a position that Microsoft wants to keep. We are not sure when you can buy the Xbox Anaconda console but you can expect to learn more about the console at E3 2019 as Microsoft has a big show planned.

Xbox insider Klobrille has confirmed that Xbox Anaconda is going to have better specs and performance compared to the upcoming PS5. He mentioned that the Xbox Anaconda console will have better performance than all the consoles of the next generation. This could mean that the Xbox Anaconda will be the high-end model which has been rumored in the past as well. So things do add up here.

Xbox Anaconda Console

Previous reports have already confirmed that Lockhart is going to be the console that will replace the Xbox One S. This model will be cheaper and will cater to the masses. On the other hand, there is the Xbox Anaconda that is going to replace the Xbox One X. This will be a premium version that will have much better performance and might be able to do 4K 60 FPS.

Interestingly these upcoming consoles will not only be competing against one another but against Google Stadia as well. Microsoft is also working on a streaming platform of its own so things will be pretty interesting this year. Microsoft has also released the all-digital Xbox One S that does not have a disk drive.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox Anaconda being the most powerful console of the next-generation and whether or not you think Microsoft will be able to hold that title.

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